Canadian high schools

Admission to UBC requires successful completion of both general admission requirements that apply to all applicants, as well as program-specific requirements that depend on where you’re applying from and what program(s) you’re applying to.

General admission requirements?

The following are the general admission requirements for all Canadian high school students applying to UBC’s Vancouver campus.

  • English Language Admissions Standard
  • Final grade of 70% in Grade 11 or Grade 12 English (or equivalent course, including provincial examinations where applicable)
  • Graduation from high school with a minimum average of 70% (or higher for many programs)
  • Completion of specific high school courses depending on where you’re applying from and what program(s) you’re applying to. Select your province or territory to find out more.

Distance Learning courses

Distance learning, such as distance education or online courses, often do not have sufficient grade information at the time that UBC makes admission decisions. Select your province or territory to find specific guidelines and/or limitations on using Distributed Learning courses for admission.

Challenging a course

Course grades as a result of challenging a course cannot be used to calculate an admission average. However, you may use course challenge results to satisfy certain pre-requisites. For example, a French 12 challenge course grade may be used to satisfy the BC high school Language 11 general admission requirement and/or the Language Degree Requirement for the Faculty of Arts.

Exceptions may apply under extenuating circumstances. Contact the Undergraduate Admissions office for special consideration.

Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses

AP and IB certificate courses are acceptable for admission and can be used in conjunction with any Canadian high school curriculum. First year credit may be awarded. Find out more by selecting your province or territory.

Program-specific requirements

Select your province or territory from the list below to find out what the program-specific requirements are for your high school curriculum.