BC and Yukon self-reporting

What is self-reporting?

Self-reporting is the process of submitting your up-to-date grades electronically to UBC’s Undergraduate Admissions office so we can give you a timely admissions decision. If you are currently a Grade 12 student from BC or Yukon, you will be required to report your grades using our online self-reporting tool. You can access the self-reporting tool on the Student Service Centre (SSC) from March 5 to March 16. Students in linear schools with April report card dates will have until April 13 to self-report. Self-reporting is mandatory and failure to self-report will result in an automatic cancellation of your application.

I have already graduated from high school

If you have already graduated from high school or are upgrading your high school courses after graduation, you do not self-report your grades. You must have your final BC Ministry of Education transcript sent to UBC Undergraduate Admissions and you can order your transcripts through the BC Ministry of Education website.

I am an International Baccalaureate diploma student

If you are completing the full IB Diploma program, you do not self-report your grades. Your IB Coordinator will be sending your anticipated grade information directly to UBC on your behalf.

How do I self-report my own grades?

Step 1: Submit your post-secondary institution (PSI) choices form
Step 2: Gather your required documents
Step 3: Log in to the UBC Student Service Centre
Step 4: Upload your report cards
Step 5: Enter your grades
Step 6: Check your application status frequently

Step 1: Submit your post-secondary institution (PSI) choices form

Your first step is to submit your PSI choices form to the BC Ministry of Education. This allows UBC to receive your official grade information required to confirm your admission. If you are unsure about the status of your PSI Choices form submission, please check your online Student Secure Web account. Once you have logged in, click View PSI Selections.

If you encounter issues with submission or are unable to view your information online, please contact the BC Ministry of Education for further assistance.

Step 2: Gather your required documents

Personal education number (PEN)

If you do not know where to find your PEN, check with your high school counsellor.

Unofficial transcript of grades from your Student Secure Web

This document will show all your completed Grade 11 and/or Grade 12 courses (including any Distributed Learning courses). You may view and print this information directly from your Student Secure Web. If you haven’t created your account, create one now.

Most recent high school report card (pick your school system)

Semester Schools (courses are taken from September to January, and from February to June), you will use your Semester 1 report card. List your Semester 2 courses as “interim,” but leave the grades section blank. Do not include a Semester 2 grade as it is not required for self-reporting and will not be listed on your report card. As your report card is usually available by mid-February, you can self-report on March 5. If you have written the English 12 provincial exam, wait for your exam results and then report your grades.


Linear schools (courses are taken from September to June), you will need your Term 2 spring report card. It will show the most recent grades for all your in-progress Grade 12 courses. You need this report card before you can self-report. Your report card is usually available by mid-March or sometimes in early April. UBC encourages linear students to self-report by March 20. If you are attending a school with a Term 2 report card date after March 20, your deadline will be extended to April 13.

Step 3: Log in to the UBC Student Service Centre

Log in to the UBC Student Service Centre (SSC) with your Campus Wide Login (CWL) and click on Self Reporting to access the online tool. Self-reporting is only for Grade 12 BC and Yukon high school students with completed applications.

Step 4: Upload your report cards

In the Document Upload screen, upload your Unofficial Transcript of Grades and your most recent high school report card. You can only upload one file for each document. If your report card has multiple pages, please be sure to combine all pages into one document before uploading.

Step 5: Enter your grades

On the Courses and Grade Entry screens, enter your grades. Any grade information that you previously submitted with your online application will appear and can be edited as needed. You will be entering your Grade 11 grades on the first screen and your Grade 12 grades on the following screen. Be sure to include all academic courses you have completed, especially courses required for your degree.

Complete all columns for each course as follows:

Course type refers to how you completed your course. Select one of the following:

  • at your high school (i.e., through a regular class at your school)
  • challenge exam result (i.e., where you only wrote an exam without taking the course)
  • through distributed learning (i.e., a course completed through distance learning or online).

Students who have completed Grade 12 courses online or through distributed learning will be asked to include a reason why the course was completed outside of their high school.

Grade type refers to the type of grade you have received. If your course is complete, indicate your grade as your final grade. If your course is in progress or if you do not have a mark available at the time of self-reporting, your grade will be an interim grade.

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Once you hit Submit, you will not be able to access the system again to make any changes.

Step 6: Check your Application Status frequently

After you self-report, you can view updates to your status at the SSC under Application Status. We encourage you to check this weekly as any updates to your status will be reflected here first.


  • Reported grades must be listed on one of your uploaded documents. Do not include marks not listed on your official documents.
  • Use your most recent percentage grade and do not calculate an average or estimate.
  • If you have second-semester courses in progress, report the course names and leave the grade fields blank. If there is no grade on your report card, do not predict one.
  • In the event of a discrepancy between the grades that were self-reported and the grades received from the Ministry of Education, UBC will use the Ministry of Education grades as the official version to reassess your eligibility for admission.
  • If ‘TS’ (transfer standing) is listed as the final letter grade on your Unofficial Transcript of Grades, please enter the grade as ‘TS’. Courses with a ‘TS’ grade will not be used in the calculation of your average but they can be used to meet pre-requisites.
  • If you are retaking a Grade 12 course, report the newest grade only if it appears on one of your documents.
  • If you have not completed your DL course by the February 1 deadline, report the course name, identify the course as interim and leave the grade field blank. Your course can still be used to meet pre-requisites.
  • If you are taking an International Baccalaureate (IB) Certificate class or an Advanced Placement class through the AP CollegeBoard, please report the interim % grade listed on your most recent high school report card OR the final % grade that is showing on your Unofficial Transcript of Grades.
  • If you forget to include a course or make a mistake with your grade information, please email grades.canada@ubc.ca immediately.