Disability-related considerations

Academically qualified students who have a disability are encouraged to attend UBC. Access and Diversity provides a variety of services to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Self-disclosing your disability

You are under no obligation to disclose your disability on your application unless you believe your disability will impact your ability to meet the academic standards of your degree of study. Disclosure does not impact your admission to UBC. Disclosure does not mean you are automatically entitled to receive disability-related accommodations. You must first register with Access & Diversity.

Second-language entrance requirement exemption

UBC can grant an exemption if you are unable to meet the second-language entrance requirement as a result of your disability. These exemptions may be granted if:

  • your disability prevented you from learning a second language
  • you were advised not to take a second language for disability-related reasons.

Documentation of your disability is required. If you wish to apply for a second-language exemption, please complete the second-language Entrance Exemption form.

To find out more about eligibility for special consideration, please visit the Access and Diversity website.

Second-language exemption request
643 KB PDF
Download this form if you wish to apply for a course exemption for disability reasons.

Special admission consideration for disability-related reasons

If you do not meet the competitive admission academic standard for a faculty but are close to it, you may apply for special admission consideration for most undergraduate degrees.

You must demonstrate that you have been unable to meet the competitive standard due to disability-related circumstances such as a lack of accommodations for a particular disability, or a relapse or temporary worsening of a disability.

You will still need to demonstrate satisfactory academic performance following recovery. The presence of a disability alone does not qualify you for special admission consideration.

See the application form below and submit no later than the application deadline of your degree. You may contact Access & Diversity for more information.

Some programs and faculties at UBC have special processes set up to admit students whose circumstances differ from the general undergraduate admissions process. You should inquire directly with your program or faculty about these special procedures.

Request for Special Consideration for Disability-Related Reasons
360 KB PDF
Download and complete this form.

Once you have been admitted

Disclosure does not mean you are automatically entitled to receive disability-related accommodations. You must first register with Access & Diversity.

An advisor will determine your eligibility for these accommodations.

Determination and implementation of academic accommodations is done according to UBC’s Policy 73 and current privacy legislation.