BC and Yukon applicants: reporting your English 12 results

BC and Yukon applicants: reporting your English 12 results

During the self-reporting period we receive a number of questions about English 12 and the English 12 Provincial Exam. Here are answers to two of the most common questions we receive.

How do I report my final English 12 grade if I have not written my provincial exam yet?

Self-reporting Grade 12 English and Provincial exam

1. Under Course Type, indicate whether you have taken English 12 in a physical high school or via distributed learning/online.
2. Under Grade Type, indicate that your English 12 grade is a Final Grade.
3. Enter your final English 12 grade in the GR12 School % box.
4. Enter 0 (zero) in the GR12 Exam % box.
5. Enter 0 (zero) the GR12 Final % box.

Can I report only my new interim English 12 retake mark?

If you are retaking the course from September to June in your home school, then report your new interim English 12 retake mark as it appears on your high school report card that you receive between March 3 and April 14.

If you are retaking the course in Semester 2 (from February to June), you will only be able to report your old English 12 mark and not your Semester 2 mark.

If you have more questions, visit our BC/Yukon self-reporting page for complete information about reporting your grades.


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  1. Hello!
    This has nothing to do with Self-reporting, but let’s say I’ve self-reported my term 2 English mark and was accepted. When UBC re-checks my final grades in the summer, after I’ve completed my english Provincial, how will they re-evaluate my admissions average? If there is less than a 20% difference between my final grade and exam mark, will they use my course mark, or a combined mark (40% exam grade + 60% course grade) to calculate my english grade?

    1. H Hannah,

      When we re-evaluate your grades in the summer we use all four of the appropriate grade 12 courses for your degree program. For English, we would use your course mark if the exam discrepancy is less than 20%.



  2. I finished English 12 Online(received school grade) before the feb1 deadline but haven’t done the Provincial Exam yet, so technically not “fully” done the course, will UBC still use the Online English 12 school grade for admission average? or will u guys wait until after the Provincial Exam?

    1. Hi Dave,

      We will use the online grade if the grade is on either the report card or transcript you submit in self-reporting.