First round offers of admission to UBC

First round offers of admission to UBC

Have you heard the news yet? UBC will offer first round offers of admission to a limited number of highly competitive high school students who follow the Canadian curriculum. These students can expect to hear from UBC as early as late December. Here is what you need to know:

Which session do first round offers of admission apply to?

UBC will offer first round offers of admission for the 2017 Summer Session and 2017 Winter Session.

What must students do to be considered for first round offers of admission?

First round offers of admission will be offered to a small number of students. To be considered, students must:

  • Apply by December 1, 2016
  • Submit all completed final grades in the academic profile section of the UBC online application
  • Have very competitive grades and competitive personal profile scores
  • Meet all the admission requirements

Students will not be refused based on Grade 11-level grades presented in their application. Students who are not offered a first round offer of admission will automatically be evaluated again in March through the normal process of self-reporting grades or document upload.

Students who are not offered a first round offer of admission in late January/early February will not be disadvantaged in any way in terms of their chances of getting in to UBC.

When will first round offers of admission decisions be made?

First round offers of admission to UBC will commence in late December and continue until early February. Applicants who are not offered a first round offer of admission will be re-evaluated once February–March grades are available. 

What are students’ next steps after receiving a first round offer of admission?

Students who receive a first round offer of admission:

  • BC high school students do not have to self-report their grades in March.
  • All students have to maintain their academic standing in order to keep their offer of admission.
  • Spring 2017: UBC will verify interim grades.
  • July 2017: UBC will verify all final grades.

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  1. Hi, if I received early admission, but I could not maintain my grades, what would happen? If my grade 12 grades were lower than grade 11 grades, but they were higher than the average of the program, would I still be accepted? Thank you!

    1. Hi Cyn,

      All UBC offers are confirmed after we receive final grades in the summer. If a student’s grades drop significantly from the point of admission, UBC reserves the right to revoke that offer.

      You should not worry about this though. Stay focussed on your studies and do the best you can. If you have serious concerns about losing an offer please email us at and we would be happy to connect you with an advisor.



  2. Hi! I was excited to get my acceptance letter. By when do I have to confirm if I’m coming to UBC? (I confess that I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple of other schools.)


    1. Hi Angela,

      Congratulations! That’s totally fine. Your offer should have an acceptance deadline listed on it. If you are worried about making this deadline or have trouble finding it, please give us a call or an email to discuss your situation:



  3. Will you be informed if you DID NOT get in early admissions? Is early admission acceptance only for students awarded entrance scholarships?

    1. Hi Gabby,

      If you are not admitted through early admission, then we will still consider you during the regular admission cycle. So no, you will not be notified as we are still evaluating your file. Make sure you regularly check your email as we will be sending instructions on your further steps.



  4. HI, I received my early admissions in late December through email, but I have not yet received an official letter in the mail like I said I would in January

    1. Hello Hye,

      It is most likely the letter is still in the mail, but if you would like us to look into your situation more closely, please email us at and we can look into your specific situation to make sure everything is in order.



  5. I am a Canadian citizen studying in Los Angeles, CA. I submitted my application by Dec 1 and have excellent grades. I have also submitted my midterm grades. Am I even eligible for early admission? My application has been showing “ready for an evaluation” for two months and my second choice is under review by faculty. Thank you!

    1. Hello Aria,

      The bulk of admissions decisions will take place between January and April and many of the evaluations are currently taking place. Because I don’t want to write anything that may be viewed as confidential on this page, please email with your student number if you have a specific question about your application.

      I hope that you hear back from Admissions soon! Best of luck,

      1. Thanks Jonathan! I just received notification of my acceptance! I am thrilled! I guess the answer to my question was yes.

  6. Hello,
    Does the Nursing department send out early admissions or is it only certain faculties? If I have submitted all of my final high school grades back in September will I receive a decision earlier?

    1. Hi Emma,

      All faculties are eligible for early admission offers. Those are still being sent out for another week or two, but if you don’t receive one, there is no cause for concern. We will make a decision after we receive further grade info from you in the coming months.



  7. Do admitted applicants need to accept the offer and pay the deposit fee first in order to receive the official letter of admission by mail? Or will it be mailed on the day of acceptance?

    1. Hi Tori,

      The letter and admit guide are mailed to you at the point of admission. If you are admitted, it’s already in the mail.



  8. Hi, are international transfer student applicants also considered in the early admissions pool if they have submitted their application before Dec. 1?

    1. Hi Anne,
      First round offers were only being considered for students attending a Canadian curriculum high school, so transfer students were not included. We are typically able to begin evaluating transfer admission once we receive a transcript from your fall term, so if you have already submitted all the documents requested in your application status on the Student Service Centre (, we’ll be beginning an evaluation for you soon.


  9. Hi! When is the date I should expect to receive an offer If I applied during the early admissions period?

    1. Hello,

      Take a look at your application status. Early offers are now over. If you were not offered admission by this point you will likely now need to submit further grade information. Your application status will clarify your next steps, so take a look. If your status is unclear, email us at and we can clarify for you.



  10. How many students are usually admitted through the first round offer of admissions?

    1. Hi Eric,

      I can’t give you a clear answer, because there isn’t one. This is the first year UBC has formally had an early admission process, so there is no precedent. Plus, we do not have preset numbers. We look at the applicants to each program and offer early admission where possible. This year approximately 20% of our early applicants were offered early admission.

      Take care,


  11. Hello,

    I am an international student and I had submitted an application in January for the M.Eng Degree in Civil Engineering in January. How long does it usually take to get a response from the university? I got intimation mails saying my referees had submitted there LOR,s, but there has not been any communication since.


    1. Hi Reuben, Unfortunately this blog is geared towards students who are applying into their undergraduate degree; I do not have information on applications for Masters degrees. Here are the contact emails for the UBC Graduate School:

      I hope this helps!

  12. Hello,
    I am an Indian Student and have applied for MEngg in Electrical and Computer Engineering for Sept 2017. Can I know the tentative dates I might expect a reply because UBC is my only consideration and application.


    1. Hello Faizan, Unfortunately this blog is geared towards students who are applying into their undergraduate degree; I do not have information on applications for Masters degrees. Here are the contact emails for the UBC Graduate School:

      I hope this helps!

  13. Hi! I was wondering for next year: if I got accepted for the early admission, how long would I approximately have to accept the offer? Would I be able to wait and see how much scholarships I would receive from UBC first and then decide?
    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Carmen,

      You will have until June 1 to accept or decline your offer of admission, and most scholarship offers are sent in April-May. Therefore, you could wait to see about the scholarship if you like, up to June 1.



  14. Hi, I am just wondering what the requirements for acceptance are in terms of English 12? Are you more concerned about the Provincial Exam mark or the class mark?


    1. Hi Josh,

      There are several English requirements at UBC, and they differ slightly by program and campus. That said, when calculating your admission average we will use the higher of the course mark or the final blended mark. The exception to that is if there is a 20% or greater discrepancy between your course mark and exam mark, we will use the exam mark only in the calculation.

      Email us at if you have further questions.