BC/Yukon applicants: self-reporting opens March 3

BC/Yukon applicants: self-reporting opens March 3

Every year we receive 10,000 to 12,000 applications for students following the BC high school curriculum. Most of you are attending high school here in BC, some of you are studying in the Yukon Territory, and some of you are studying in other countries, including China and South Korea.

As of March 3, you can all report your grades online through the UBC Student Service Centre.

Your grade information will round out your UBC application so that we can evaluate a combination of your academics and Personal Profile. Reporting your grades is mandatory, so we will send you a number of reminders by email so that you don’t forget to submit your grades online.

When will I report my grades?

If your courses are “semestered” courses (meaning you have final grades for courses you took from September to January), you can report your grades from March 3 to March 20 (remember to wait for any January Provincial Exam results before reporting). Report your final grades from first semester and list your second semester courses (without grades). Do not submit second semester grades.

If your courses are “year-long” courses (meaning you started taking them in September and you will complete them in June), please wait until you receive your spring report card and use this to report your grades. Do not report your grades before you have this report card handy. Many of you will have this report card by March 20 – so please go ahead and report when you receive it.  We know that some of you will not receive this report card until early April, which is why we will keep self-reporting open until April 14 for you. If you have questions, please contact us.

How can I prepare to report my grades?

Have your Personal Education Number (PEN) handy – it’s required to report your grades. Then familiarize yourself with our self-reporting instructions.

Facebook Live Q & A on self-reporting

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  • Tuesday, March 7, 4:15 – 5:00 pm (PST)

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  1. Good afternoon,

    I am wondering if when self reporting grades from grade 12 if you must send in your term 2 marks (year long course) or can you self report your projected final marks?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Susan,

      If you are at a linear school you are reporting your term two grades using your term two report card. You do not predict grades. All you do is type the grades in as they appear on the document.



  2. Hi there,

    If I completed my distance learning course by February 1st, may I submit my VLN report card merged with my home school report card especially since the completed course and its grade aren’t present on my unofficial transcript (from edaccess) ? Moreover, is it a problem that will affect my application if that completed course isn’t on my unofficial transcript yet?

    1. Hi there,

      Yes, you can upload both documents in one file when self reporting. This is not a problem at all and will not have a negative affect ion your application.



  3. Dear sir /madam,
    i am studying in a linear highschool system. During the beginning of self reporting period, i have not receive term 2 grades and i self reported my 1st term grades. I have received my term 2 results on April 6 but forgot to update my latest grades and did not upload my term 2 report card until self report deadline has passed. I wonder what is the consequence and if i should get assistance to open my student account and reactivate the self report options to allow me to update my latest term 2 grades.

    best wishes,

    1. Hi Alan,

      It doesn’t work that way, but there is an easy solution. Simply email your documents to grades.canada@ubc.ca and we will add them to your application.