Find your UBC admission decision on the Student Service Centre

Find your UBC admission decision on the Student Service Centre

So you’ve applied to UBC, and now you’re wondering, “Did they get my documents?” and “When will I receive my admission decision?”

Tens of thousands of UBC applicants from across Canada and around the world have the same questions. Here at the UBC Admissions Office, my colleagues and I are doing our best to read every applicant’s Personal Profile and transcript as carefully — and as quickly — as we can. We are swamped with applicants’ documents, but we’re working very hard to give you a decision as early as possible.

As soon as we have evaluated your application, you will see our decision on the UBC Student Service Centre.

If you have sent your documents to us within the last five to six weeks, please be patient with us and we will update your status shortly.

In the meantime, consider coming out to one of our applicant information events, where you can get answers to all your burning questions about life at UBC. We have events scheduled for Canadian, American, and international students. Please join us!

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  1. Hi,
    I have been accepted for my first choice as a transfer student. How would I be able to also get my second choice evaluated? I got early admissions as I still have to submit my final transcript.

    1. Hi Victoria,

      You can request your second choice be evaluated by emailing Be advised that requests like this are typically not considered until after April 15, but I still recommend you submit your request asap.



  2. Hi there,
    I applied to UBC as a 2nd-year transfer student and the SSC showed me this message for my first choice program (BCOM Sauder): “We have received and evaluated your interim transcript. Based upon your interim grades, we are unable to offer you early admission (admission based on your interim transcript). However, we would like to have the opportunity to review your final official transcript before providing you with our final decision. Please arrange for your final official transcript to be provided as soon as it is available and no later than May 15th.” I should just mail my official transcript to UBC once ready, am I right?

    1. Hi Chloe,

      Yes. We want to see your final grades from this semester. As soon as they are available at the end of April, order another transcript sent to UBC. Remember, the transcript will go directly to UBC from the sending institution, and not to you first.



  3. Hello,
    I’ve applied to UBC and listed the Vancouver campus as my first choice , I am rethinking my desicion and I want to attend the okanagan campus . Is it possible for me to change it now?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Raghad,

      Maybe. We review requests like yours on a case by case basis. Simply email your request to and we will see what we can do.