What the heck is ‘rolling admissions’?

What the heck is ‘rolling admissions’?

We evaluate your UBC application when it becomes complete, which means when we have received your grades and other required information. And with 40,000 applications coming in from tons of different school systems around the world, we receive grades and supporting documents at different times.

We can’t evaluate everyone’s application at the same time, so we send out admissions decisions based on when we receive your information. That’s what we mean by “rolling admissions.”

For some of you, we evaluated your application in January or February as your grade information arrived. We have been receiving grade information from our BC/Yukon applicants since late February and decisions will roll out throughout March and April.

We use the same admissions criteria for everyone when files are complete. If you meet our admissions criteria in April, we will send you an offer of admission just as we would for those who met the same admissions criteria on information we received in January or February.

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  1. Hello! Question:
    I recently self-reported a few days ago and uploaded my Transcript documents onto the SSC. I was wondering if the “document Upload” under the Admissions Tab on the SSC is supposed to display the documents you uploaded during self reporting. Because when I log into the Student Service Centre, and click “Document Upload” under the Admissions tab, my documents (transcript + report card), which I uploaded while self-reporting, aren’t there! Is this something to be concerned about, or have my files just not been processed yet?

    1. Hi Hannah,

      All of this is normal. Once you’ve completed your upload, the “document upload” section will be empty. If anything further info is required of you, we would let you know via email or your application status.