UBC Collegia: find your community on campus

UBC Collegia: find your community on campus

Whether you’re facing a long commute or a taking a quick bus ride to UBC, feeling like part of the university community can be challenging if you don’t have a dedicated space on campus. To help you build your home away from home, the UBC Collegia program – on both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses – provides residence-like spaces where you can fully experience UBC student life. 

UBC Collegia on the Vancouver campus

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UBC Collegia on the Vancouver campus offer plenty of space for you to kick back and relax.

As a UBC Collegia member on the Vancouver campus, you’ll have access to either the Oak Collegium or the Arbutus Collegium, which both feature large study and socializing spaces and a full kitchen. In addition to being the go-to place to make friends, eat, study, or nap, each collegium also connects you with:

  • Knowledgeable student advisors
  • UBC Faculty Fellows, who are professors who provide you with the unique opportunity to learn about the expectations of your new academic environment
  • Workshops and programs to ease your transition to university


“UBC Collegia really grounded me from the loneliness and isolation that comes from being on such a large campus. The commute is tiring, but UBC Collegia is comforting.”
– Ava Maleki, Land and Food Systems, Vancouver campus Collegia member


Learn more and apply for a UBC Collegia membership.

UBC Collegia on the Okanagan campus

ubc okanagan collegia, ubc collegia, okanagan campus
The Global Collegium on UBC’s Okanagan campus.

The three distinct Collegia on UBC’s Okanagan campus offer students a relaxing and welcoming place to hang out, eat lunch, spend time with classmates, and do school work. Each collegium is outfitted with comfortable furniture, workspaces, and kitchen facilities.

First- and Second-Year Collegium

This space, also know as the “junior” collegium, is for new-to-UBC students to socialize while meeting new people and making connections on campus.

Upper-Level Collegium

The “senior” collegium is traditionally a quieter space where students can study or unwind. Come here to enjoy a peaceful coffee break or catch up on your latest Netflix series.

Global Collegium

This collegium is not just for international students – the motto here is “No passport required.” The goal of the Global Collegium is to create connections among students and offer opportunities to share culture, usually via food.

All of the Okanagan collegia are staffed by senior students who welcome you, answer your questions, and plan programs and events. No registration or membership is required – all students can access any and all of the Okanagan campus collegia.

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