UBC Collegia: find your community on campus

UBC Collegia: find your community on campus

Whether you’re facing a long commute or a taking a quick bus ride to UBC, feeling like part of the university community can be challenging if you don’t have a dedicated space on campus. To help you build your home away from home, the UBC Collegia program – on both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses – provides residence-like spaces where you can fully experience UBC student life. 

UBC Collegia on the Vancouver campus

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UBC Collegia on the Vancouver campus offer plenty of space for you to kick back and relax.

If you’ll be commuting to UBC, you’re part of the majority: more than 75% of students at UBC’s Vancouver campus bike, drive, or take transit to campus.

One of commuter students’ main concerns is whether they’re missing out by not being a part of residence life in first year. Luckily, UBC has on-campus spaces – called “collegia” – to help make UBC as much of a home for commuter students as it is for those who live on campus.

Each UBC Collegia space has a kitchen, comfy couches, and friendly advisors who are happy to chat and help you settle into life at UBC. There are also lots of programs and activities designed to connect commuter students with on-campus services, faculty members, and peer support. Express your interest in joining UBC Collegia as soon as possible.

“UBC Collegia really grounded me from the loneliness and isolation that comes from being on such a large campus. The commute is tiring, but UBC Collegia are comforting.”
– Ava Maleki, Land and Food Systems, Vancouver campus Collegia member

Learn more and fill out the application to express your interest

The Collegia Program on the Okanagan campus

ubc okanagan collegia, ubc collegia, okanagan campus
The Global Collegium on UBC’s Okanagan campus.

The three distinct Collegia on UBC’s Okanagan campus offer commuter students a relaxing and welcoming place to hang out, eat lunch, spend time with classmates, and do school work. Each collegium is outfitted with comfortable furniture, workspaces, and kitchen facilities.

First- and Second-Year Collegium

This space, also known as the “junior” collegium, is the perfect venue for new-to-UBC students to socialize while meeting new people and making connections on campus.

Upper-Levels Collegium

The “senior” collegium is traditionally a quieter space where students can study, work on group projects, or unwind. Come here to enjoy a peaceful coffee break or catch up on your latest Netflix series.

Global Collegium

This collegium is not just for international students – the motto here is “No passport required.” One goal of the Global Collegium is to create connections among students and offer opportunities to share and explore new cultures.

All of the Okanagan collegia are staffed by senior students who welcome you, answer your questions, refer you to campus resources, and plan programs and events. No registration or membership is required – all students can access any and all of the Okanagan campus collegia.

“Working in a collegium allowed me to meet so many students and make friends that I may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. It’s a great resource for students to feel like part of a community.”
–Michele Gabourie, Biology, Okanagan campus Collegia Assistant

Learn more about the Collegia Program on the Okanagan campus


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