Vancouver students: Find your faculty on social media

ubc forestry
Image: Faculty of Forestry | Students use a mobile scavenger hunt game to find specific types of soil in the forest floor at UBC Farm.

By now – with your UBC acceptance letter in hand and your course plans for September taking shape – you’ve no doubt done your fair share of research on your program and faculty. Come September you’ll be diving into the deep end of university life, so now is a great time to test the waters by seeing what students and professors in your faculty are up to.

By stalking your new UBC community on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you’ll arrive this fall already in the know. The cool new ATV that the UBC Baja engineering design team is building? Saw it on the UBC Engineering Facebook page. The UBC avian forensic morphologist solving bird mysteries? Saw the Faculty of Science’s tweet (no pun intended). The annual open house at the UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre? Saw the Instagram post by the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Find your faculty below and follow along this summer so that you arrive informed in the fall.

Faculty Social channels
Faculty of Applied Science (Engineering) UBC Engineering Facebook
UBC Engineering Twitter
UBC Engineering Instagram
Faculty of Arts UBC Arts Facebook
UBC Arts Twitter
UBC Arts Instagram
Faculty of Forestry UBC Forestry Facebook
UBC Forestry Twitter
UBC Forestry Instagram
Snapchat: ubcforestry
Faculty of Land and Food Systems UBC Land and Food Systems Facebook
UBC Land and Food Systems Twitter
UBC Land and Food Systems Instagram
Faculty of Science UBC Science Facebook
UBC Science Twitter
UBC Sauder School of Business UBC Sauder School of Business Facebook
UBC Sauder School of Business Twitter
UBC Sauder School of Business Instagram
Snapchat: ubcsauderschool
School of Kinesiology UBC School of Kinesiology Facebook
UBC School of Kinesiology Twitter
UBC School of Kinesiology Instagram
School of Music UBC School of Music Facebook
UBC School of Music Twitter
UBC Vantage College UBC Vantage College Facebook
UBC Vantage College Twitter
UBC Vantage College Instagram
Vancouver School of Economics at UBC Vancouver School of Economics Facebook
Vancouver School of Economics Twitter


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