International students: Register for the Jump Start program

International students: Register for the Jump Start program

Transitioning to university is often challenging – especially when you are coming from a different country or culture. The UBC Jump Start program on both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses will help you ease into university life with academic, social, and logistical components that will set you up for success.

On the Vancouver campus, Jump Start is an 11-day immersion program from August 21 to 31. On the Okanagan campus, Jumpstart is a one-week program from August 28 to September 2. All international students entering their first year at UBC are expected to register.

What Jump Start participants have to say

Our past participants agree that Jump Start is an ideal way for international students to start life at UBC. In the words of our Jump Start alumni, here are 10 reasons to register:

  1. “You can build up your social network before the first term starts. That will improve your university life a lot.”
  2. “Being involved in a Learning Community your first year makes you feel a sense of belonging. It’s calming to be a part of a group like this.”
  3. “The student leaders are a meaningful resource and you can discuss anything and everything with them.”
  4. “You’ll know how to move around campus and Vancouver.”
  5. “You will meet people from all over the world.”
  6. “It will give you an early start in the academic portion of the university experience.”
  7. “The memories I made at Jump Start are some of the fondest of my time at UBC.”
  8. “The orientations leaders provide the benefits of experience and are able to understand your concerns as a first-year student.”
  9. “You’ll get to know the people in your program as well as some of your professors.”
  10. “There’ll be time to adjust to campus and university life and you’ll feel very prepared for the school year.”

Learn more about Jump Start

If you’d like to find out more, read our in-depth testimonials from students about their Jump Start experience.

Students on UBC’s Vancouver campus

Learn more about Jump Start Vancouver and register by July 4.

Students on UBC’s Okanagan campus

Learn more about Jumpstart Okanagan and register by July 31.

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  1. I am wondering why I have not received any news regarding my application. I already asked several times by email, but I was told to be patient. I think there must be something wrong with my application processing. Please double check my application and give me an answer.

    1. Hi Mingrui,
      It appears that we have contacted you by email on June 24 with an update to your application status. If you have not received this email, please email us at for an update.


  2. Hi I want to study nursing in UBC and I already have Higher national diploma from my country of residence in Cameroon what are the requirements can I obtain admission for 2016/2017

    1. Hi Langwa,

      For best information you will want to contact UBC’s School of Nursing regarding program entry:



  3. Hi, I would like to know when UBCO will have their Campus Tour / student / family orientation day.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Kim,
      We offer campus tours at the Okanagan campus year-round. You can check out the schedule and sign up here:


  4. Hello, am interested in studying at UBC and please i would like to begin my studies in 2017 and know the cost of Admission and the Application fees including the tuition fee and the required documents and you can contact me through the email provided so that we can have a discussion about it. Thank you and wish to hear from you again

    1. Hello Daniel,

      Please take some time to explore the site and review the general admission requirements and program-specific requirements for international students, plus information on how to apply to UBC. You can email us if you have any specific questions at


  5. I’m Ziad Mohamed and I’m Egyptian which lives in Qatar . I’m 16 years old and I completed my IGCSE with 5 subjects(English , chemistry, Physics,Maths,ICT ) . So I wanted to ask if it is possible for me to enter university with my IGCSE o level course
    I hope that you will accept me and there will be no problems against my status.
    And my results will appear on 25 of August.

    1. Hi Ziad,
      We will be looking for A-level results for admission to UBC. You can find more details here:


  6. Coming from overseas, applying as a freshman, how can I get tuition down to what a canadian resident gets charged?

    I’m not considered a permanent resident of canada, even if I live there 24-7/4 full years, if I do my undergrad student studies there?

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thank you for your enquiry. The definition of a permanent resident (landed immigrant) of Canada can be found at the Govt of Canada website: A student who studies temporarily in Canada on a Canadian study permit is not considered a permanent resident.


  7. Hi i want to studey civil engineering in ubc ? What should i do ?

    1. Hi Salma,

      Information about admission requirements to UBC is found at under ‘Applying to UBC’. You need to select the high school curriculum you are studying and check the general requirements and requirements for Applied Science (Engineering). Applicants are also required to meet UBC’s English language requirement through one of the ways listed at


  8. Hi am interested in studying Law in ubc and have my waec results with 8 credits. Please how do I start from here. Tnx you

    1. Hello Udoka,

      UBC Law is a program that will require first completing a bachelors degree in another field. Here’s a brief description of UBC’s Law Program:


  9. Hello.I would like to ask about the SSC examination requirement to study Human kinetics, and also can I use equivalent SSC exam(National Examination Council.NECO) and my country of residence is Nigeria.Thanks

    1. Hi Isaac,

      Thank you for your enquiry. Admission requirements for students studying in Nigeria can be found at SSC exam results and NECO are acceptable.
      Marlene King

  10. i am very much interested to study on environment science… now i study in Bangladesh hon’s final year … is there any scholarship could i get it

    1. Hi Sayeed,
      You can find details about our scholarships for international students here:


  11. If one is a Canadian citizen, but has attended high school in the United States, would they apply as an international or a Canadian student? I’m assuming that grades would be evaluated as an American student? For tuition, would it be the same as other Canadians who are not residents of British Columbia ? Thank you.

    1. Hi Desiree,

      You got it! You will pay the same fees and tuition as any other domestic Canadian. We will use your US curriculum as your basis of admission when we review your application.

      Take care,


  12. Hi, currently in looking to apply to the Master’s in Bioinformatics, as an international student due too the current tuituion fees and costly living, is it possibly for me to apply to a student loan or does it only applies to candian and US citizens?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Francisco,

      Canadian Government Student loans are only available to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents. US Government Student Loans are only available to US Citizens and Permanent Residents. If you are not Canadian or American, you may need to inquire with a lender in your home country. For further information on Graduate Studies, here is a helpful page:



    1. Hello,

      You can view the various payment options here:

      I hope this helps clarify,

  14. I am a permanent resident applyin for science stream in ubc.My subjects are..English, physics, chemistry. Biology and psychology.l don’t hv maths.What shd l do to get into science in undergrad

    1. Hello,

      You will need to take Math to get into the Faculty of Science at UBC. The prerequisite courses do not necessarily need to be taken at the same school as your other courses. As an option, you could possibly take a correspondence course through another school. However, you will need to have Math to gain admission.

      I hope this helps clarify.

    2. Hello Lavanya,

      Unfortunately, Math 12 is a requirement for the Bachelor of Science program. Applicants must show successful completion of Math 12 in order to be considered. We strongly encourage you to complete this prerequisite before applying to the Bachelor of Science program at UBC. You may want to consider completing the first year of Science courses at a local college and apply to transfer into year 2 our Bachelor of Science program. If you are residing in BC, please refer to the BC Transfer Guide ( as it lists all the colleges located in BC and which college courses transfer to UBC.

      Hope this helps.

  15. My daughter is a Canadian and she will be getting her IGCSE from oversees. We plan to move back to Canada after her IGCSE exams therefore she will not be in a position to move on to A levels. I was told that she would need to attend Grade 12 in Canada to receive her BC Certificate of Graduation. Will admissions to UBC look at her IGCSE and her Grade 12 results or will it ONLY be her Grade 12 results from Canada?

    1. Hello Jacqueline,

      UBC will look at a combination of both. It is not an uncommon occurrence for students to have more than one curriculum and UBC has processes in place to complete a dual assessment. I hope this helps clarify.


  16. Hi,
    I’m currently doing my final year of local polythenic in Singapore. May I ask if I can use my diploma score of 3.5/4.0 to apply for the courses? I am not sure if it’s considered relevant to Alevel.

    1. Hello Sarah. You may apply, however I cannot give an indication on whether your application will be competitive.


    2. Hello Sarah,

      A completed diploma from a polythenic in Singapore is not considered to be equivalent to A Levels. Whether the diploma will be considered for admission is dependent upon the specialization/major you are completing. For example a diploma in food and beverage would not be considered for admission but a completed 2 year (full time attendance) diploma that contains highly academic courses, such as Micronomics, microeconomics, sociology, psychology, may be considered for admission.

      Hope this helps.

  17. I am interested in undertaking graduate studies in Architecture to earn an M.A. degree from International University.I received my M.A. degree from Azad University in Iran.But I can not finde about deadline for documents.also I was wondering if tell me about University fees and
    Score the required language.
    Best regards

    1. Hello,

      Your questions will be best answered by directing them to the School of Graduate Studies. Here is some helpful contact information:


  18. Hi.
    I intend to start my programme in UBC next year and the only thing i dont have is the English proficiency requirement. I have my SSC and i passed English. Please can i apply and is it after offer of admission i will be able to apply for scholarship because the expenses will be too much for my parents. Thanks

    1. Hello Akindele,

      English is the primary language of instruction at UBC, so all prospective students are required to demonstrate a minimum level of English before they’re admitted. There are a number of ways to meet the ELAS requirement. For more information, please visit for UBC Vancouver or for UBC Okanagan.

      For information regarding the scholarships and awards available for international students, please visit

      Warm Regards,

  19. hello sir how are you hope you are good. Iam Ajmal Singh from Pakistan. Sir I want to study in UBC . Iam done my HSC- with ‘A’ grade this year 2016 Group :Pre Engineering . sir iam belong from Poor family. Sir I need scholarship for complete bachelor degree. I will be great thankful to you.

    1. Hello Ajmal,

      UBC is committed to supporting outstanding students who choose to study at our university. UBC contributes CAD$11 million each year to awards and assistance for international students. In addition, we continue the support by making several awards available after first year. For information about the awards and scholarships available for international students, please visit

      Warm Regards,

  20. Hello, I have just turned 15 and attend one of the top boarding schools in the UK. I am to do my IGCSE’s in June 2017. Is it better for me to spend the next two years after IGCSE studying AS levels or the IB course? My English is very strong, however, I would like to study economics. Thank you very much. Caelen

    1. Hello Caelen,

      UBC does not show preference between the various curricula. You can be admitted with either IB or AS Levels. You can view our admissions requirements by visiting the following page:

      I hope this helps clarify,

  21. Hi. I’m a highschool Student From India, Currently Studying at grade 12. I Wanna Pursue Undergraduate degree at Mechanical Engineering at UBC. What are the total Expenses Per year For Studying at UBC? Does UBC provide any 100% Scholarship on tuition Fees to the International Undergraduate Students? If yes, then What are the Eligibility Criteria For that Scholarship?

    1. Hello Shovanjit,

      Here are two links that will be helpful for you:

      1) UBC’s Cost calculator where you can factor in the tuition and living expenses for your study:
      2) Information on UBC’s scholarship program for international students:

      I hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes as you apply to UBC.


  22. Hello, I’m from Brazil and would like to know how to enroll in the scholarship program for graduation please

    1. Hi Antonio,
      You can find more information about our awards and scholarships for international students at


  23. I am Md. Faysal Masfique. I’m from 

    Bangladesh.I am doing  diploma in Computer Science in a polytechnic institute here in’s a 4 year course(8th semester). UBC is my Dream school.

    I really want to know 

    Is UBC accept my diploma certificates as higher school certificates??I am going to

    apply for Computer Science . It will be great

    if you describe

     me about Computer Science & it’s scholarship &loans .Thank you

    1. Hello Faysal,
      In most cases, international polytechnic diplomas cannot be used for transfer credit or qualification for admission to UBC. We would look back to your high school diploma or graduation certificate for admission requirements in that case. For more information about admission from Bangladesh, please see You can find information about our scholarships and awards for international students at


  24. Hello! I’m Lawrence, an undergraduate applicant from Singapore.

    My admissions profile requires me to submit both my A level and O level results. However, I only took A levels (my school allows students to sit directly for A levels and skip the O levels).

    May I ask what should I do with regards to my application? Can I upload instead a letter indicating that I did not sit for any O levels?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Lawrence!

      Great question! We definitely have students applying to UBC in this situation. There are a few additional pieces that will help me best answer your question in the most complete way. I’ll send you an email to follow up and we can chat further!


  25. Hi,

    Good Morning,

    I am interested in BEd program as an International Student to enhance my academic profile.

    To inform you that I will be coming in June 2017 to Canada for visit. Is there any possibility that I can take admission in your 2017 program. If not, please advise.

    What other admissions requirements are there to comply with your university BEd program for International Students ? Such as Degree assessment by WES or UoT etc ?

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    1. Hi Maliha,

      That’s great to hear you’re interested in the BEd program at UBC! International students may apply at any time to our BEd program at UBC’s Vancouver campus; however, due to the time necessary to process documents and provide the required letter of acceptance for visa purposes, applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible and no later than June to be eligible for the program start in September. I encourage you to visit this page for more information about the program and application process.

      The application to start in the fall of 2017 for our BEd program at UBC’s Okanagan campus closed last month. If you are interested in applying to the program for 2018, you can find more information about the program here.

      We’re looking forward to your visit in June! Tours for the summer will be posted soon and you can click here to sign up!



  26. Hello,

    I have a foundation certificate from an international college in UK. Do I have a chance entering UBC from the second year? Does UK credits transfer to Canadian score? If so when should I apply? Also is there any specific email address to contact concerning about these questions?


    1. Hi Amelia,

      Thanks for your questions. It sounds like you’ve got quite a few questions and we’ll need some additional information to help us provide the most complete and helpful responses for you. I’ll be sending you an email shortly!



  27. Hello:
    Studying in Hong Kong currently, I am considering to apply for admission to an undergraduate degree program at UBC Vancouver in September 2018 and would like to seek advice for the following questions.
    1. I am not sure what I would like to study at a university. Do I need to decide and indicate my major when submitting my application?
    2. Can I simply choose a degree program (e.g. BA) for the purpose of application and decide/declare my major at a later time? How should I work around this issue?
    3. As I will be taking DSE Exam next year around April through May with the results usually announced a couple months afterwards, does it mean I won’t know my application result until my DSE grades are released? Will UBC consider making a provisional offer based on the academic performance and other credentials from the senior years of secondary school?
    Thanks in advance for your advice.


    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your questions and that’s great to hear you’re considering UBC for next year!

      1 & 2) While there are some programs that you can apply to enter directly from high school (for example, the Bachelor of Media Studies program), in most cases you’ll be applying more generally to a Faculty. For example, you might wish to apply to the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Land and Food Systems depending on your general area of academic interest. Once at UBC, students can explore their academic options before indicating their major, which is typically done towards the end of your 1st or 2nd year depending on your Faculty. There are lots of resources, supports, and academic advisors to help you navigate your academic journey and explore your different passions and interests once you’re at UBC. You are certainly welcome to apply to the Faculty of Arts if you are interested in the social sciences and humanities and indicate your specific major at a much later point.

      3) With students from over 150 countries at UBC, we receive many applications from students around the world and appreciate that for some programs like the Hong Kong DSE final results are not released until later in the year. We will review previous academic performance and evaluate your application well before your final results. If you receive an offer of admission, you will be expected to maintain your academic performance into your final exams.



  28. Hello, I’m 17 and currently a British A level student studying geography, sociology and English language. I was hoping to study human geography at UBC but I’m unsure of the grade requirements for my three A level options. Is there any way I can find out what the grade requirements are (such as AAB or AAA) in order to qualify to study at UBC for human Geography?

    1. Hi Isabel,

      Thanks for your inquiry and that’s great to hear you’re interested in human geography at UBC!

      UBC evaluates students on a broad range of criteria including your academic achievements and personal experiences. While AAB and AAA are certainly in the competitive range for admission, we will also be reviewing your Personal Profile as part of your application to UBC. We will take into consideration both your grades and your personal profile to make an admissions decision.



  29. Hello. I would like to know when you will release the application form for school year 2018-2019? Hoping for your response! 🙂

    1. Hello Dianne,

      Our application for the 2018 academic year will be available by September 2017.

      Warm Regards,

  30. Hi, I’m from Uganda and I want to study international economics at undergraduate level. I offered History, Economics and Literature as principals and Subsidiary mathematics and general paper as subsidiaries. I had an A in economics. If I’m to apply for this course, for 2018/2019 intake, will I still be eligible for it?

    1. Dear Isabelle,

      Thank you for your interest in UBC. Well done in your Economics course. Admissions requirements for students from Uganda can be found here: UBC Admission Requirements – Uganda
      Please be aware that the Bachelor of International Economics is a very competitive program for entry, so we will be looking for a strong academic application from all students interested in this program.



  31. I am an Indian student in the class 12th looking for admission in the academic year 2018-19 for Applied Science (engr ).
    I would like to know on what basis are the scholarships considered…would my giving SAT’s help me in getting scholarships in any way. what is the eligibility criteria for the same?

    1. Hi there,
      eligibility for merit-based scholarships is determined based on your secondary school performance and the personal profile questions which you complete when applying to UBC. Unless you are studying in a US curriculum school, there is no need to take the SAT. Some scholarships are given on the basis of financial need and merit. These will have additional requirements. For a list of all international undergraduate scholarships and their various criteria, please see



  32. I am very impressed with your Jump Start Program in order to get a better transition from high school to university. I am an Asian but holding a Canadian passport. As I know Jump Start Program is just for international students and domestic students who are going to study Sauder or Land and Food Systems. I have been studying in Canada for a few years. I am really interested in this program. Am I eligible to join the program? but I am not study Sauder or Land and Food Systems. What can i do? May I know why not other faculties join this program?
    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    1. Hi Toffee,

      great question! The Jump Start program was originally designed especially for international students who may not have a lot of experience with the Canadian academic culture. Now it is expanding to include some other student groups as well. This year is the first time that two of our Faculties are offering the program to Canadian students as well. We are hoping that goes very well and that in future we can expand it further. Unfortunately, that will not happen for this year though. But you and all other new students are warmly invited to join Imagine Day –