International Baccalaureate requirements

At UBC’s Okanagan campus, we are committed to helping International Baccalaureate students find the best way to qualify for admission, scholarships, and first-year course credit. We understand IB and we value your IB experience.

Here, you can build on that experience through our impressive variety of academic degree programs where cross-discipline learning is celebrated. And, when it is time to graduate, you will carry with you a UBC degree respected the world over.

I am completing the IB Diploma

Applicants who are pursuing the IB Diploma must satisfy the following general admission requirements as well as the degree-specific requirements listed below.

General admission requirements

  • English Language Admission Standard
  • Successful completion of the Diploma with a minimum score of 24 points including at least three Higher Level courses and additional points for Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge
  • Where English is the primary language of instruction, Standard Level or Higher Level English A is required with a minimum score of 3
  • Degree-specific requirements listed below

Degree-specific admission requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements above, each degree has a set of specific requirements you must meet in order to be admitted.

Program Requirements
  • No additional courses beyond the general admission requirements
  • Math (Standard or Higher Level) [1]
  • IB Chemistry
  • IB Physics (Standard or Higher Level)
Human Kinetics
  • Math (Standard or Higher Level) [1]
  • One of IB Biology, IB Chemistry, or IB Physics (Standard or Higher Level)
Interdisciplinary Performance
  • No additional courses beyond the general admission requirements
  • Audition and letter of intent
  • Math (Standard or Higher Level) [1]
Media Studies
  • Math (Standard or Higher Level) [1]
  • Portfolio submission
  • IB Biology
  • IB Chemistry
  • Math at the Grade 11 Level
  • Math (Standard or Higher Level) with a minimum grade of 3 [1]
  • One of IB Biology, IB Chemistry, or IB Physics (Standard or Higher Level) [2]
  • Chemistry (at least one year)
  • Physics (at least one year) is strongly recommended
Visual Arts
  • No additional courses beyond the general admission requirements
  • Portfolio and letter of intent

[1] IB Math Studies is not accepted for programs requiring Math (Standard or Higher Level).

[2] If you didn’t complete Biology, Chemistry, or Physics in the IB Diploma, you may meet this requirement by completing one year of this subject at the Grade 11, or junior level, under an international curriculum. Determine the level of study that satisfies this requirement.

I am taking IB Certificate courses

To be eligible for admission to UBC’s Okanagan campus, you must successfully complete an academic high school curriculum, including general admission and degree-specific requirements. IB certificate courses (both Standard and Higher Level) can be used for admission in conjunction with another high school curriculum.

Initial admission decisions are based on interim grades as reported by your high school. Once your final IB results are available, we will use them to confirm your admission decision and any first-year credit you may be eligible for.

I want to know more about first-year credit

UBC’s Okanagan campus recognizes the IB enriched secondary school program. See how first-year credit is granted for IB courses.

Your admission score will be your overall IB Diploma score, including the individual scores for all required courses and additional points earned for Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge.

How to apply

If you have met the requirements, you’re now ready to apply to UBC.

Submitting your grades

Since we’ll be making admission decisions in the spring before your final IB results are available, we’ll be asking you to arrange for your IB Anticipated Grades to be sent from your school to UBC prior to March 15. We’ll also require your official final IB results so it is important that you provide the IB Organization with your consent to release your results to UBC once they are available.

Do this right away after you’ve applied to UBC’s Okanagan campus so you don’t forget. Your IB Diploma Coordinator can assist you with these steps.

Please note: If you are a B.C. student following the IBDP, you do not need to fill out the “IB Anticipated Grades” form. Your grades will be relayed to the Admissions Office directly from your student’s IB coordinator.

Anticipated IB Grades for UBC
360 KB PDF
Download and complete this form.

Remember to check out your important dates and deadlines.