How UBC will keep in touch with you

How UBC will keep in touch with you

Do you wonder what happens after you submit your application?

After you submit your application, the Admissions Office reviews it and creates an electronic file for you. Within four business days, you will receive an email listing the additional information you need to submit in order to complete your application.

Check your email

Your email address is a crucial piece of information to submit with your online application. Please be sure to use an email address that you will be checking frequently. Also check your email provider’s spam filters so that UBC emails with important information are not being filtered out.

If your email provider mistakenly deleted something we sent you, you can always log in to your Student Service Centre and click on the Message Centre to see all the emails the Admissions Office has sent to you.

If you have any questions, contact us.

If you applied before December 1

We have started reading the Personal Profiles of everyone who submitted an application by December 1. Successful Major Entrance Scholarship candidates will be contacted in mid-April.

How to change the degree you applied to

How to change the degree you applied to

Did you have a change of heart? If you applied to one degree, but decided that you’d like to pursue a different one, here’s what you need to do.

How to change the degree you applied to:

  1. Check the admissions requirements for your new degree choice and make sure you meet the admissions criteria.
  2. Be certain of the order of your choices – think of them as two separate applications ranked in order of preference. This year, UBC will evaluate high school applications to your first-choice degree and second-choice degree at the same time if your degree choices are for two different campuses (Vancouver and Okanagan). If your choices are for degrees on one campus only, we will evaluate your first choice first, and if we offer you admission to your first choice, we will stop there. We will only evaluate your second-choice degree application if you were unsuccessful with your application to your first choice.
  3. Be absolutely certain that you want to change your degree. If you are a Canadian citizen/permanent resident and you applied by December 1, 2017, your first-choice application will be considered for a Major Entrance Scholarship. Your new first-choice application will not be considered for a Major Entrance Scholarship if you make a change after December 1.
  4. After you’ve thought through the above, you can submit the changes of your first-choice and second-choice applications to by January 15, 2018. Be sure to include your full name and UBC reference number. We will update your UBC application accordingly. Your application changes will not be updated if your request is made after January 15, 2018.

Please note:

  • Some degrees (for example, Nursing on UBC’s Okanagan campus) can only be considered first-choice degrees.
  • We will notify you if we cannot accommodate a change to your application.

And remember, you use the same UBC application to apply for degrees on both UBC campuses. Your first choice and second choice can be on the same campus or on two different campuses. January 15, 2018 is the deadline for submitting your application and the deadline for changing the program you’re applying to.

Post-secondary transfer applications

Post-secondary transfer applications

Did you know that UBC receives more than 8,000 transfer applications from students who have already begun their studies at another post-secondary institution in Canada or around the world?

If you are a transfer applicant, the first thing we review is your interim transcript that we received in February/March. If you have received an early offer of admission, you need to send us your final transcript so we can confirm your offer and assign transfer credit (if you are eligible). You can check your transfer credit at the UBC Student Service Centre under Grades & Records.

The majority of transfer applications are reviewed again when we receive your final college/university transcripts. These transcripts have been arriving throughout the month of May. We will review your application carefully and will notify you with your decision through May and into late June. Continue to check the UBC Student Service Centre Applicant Status for the most up-to-date information. If you have questions, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions from Canadian applicants

Frequently asked questions from Canadian applicants

This year, approximately 18,000 students in Canada submitted applications for admission to one of our 7,000 first-year places. When you consider that every applicant to UBC gets two choices on their application, that’s almost 36,000 applications for 7,000 first-year spaces.

We’ve posted first-choice decisions for all of our Canadian applicants on the Student Service Centre. If you were offered admission, congratulations! If you were not offered admission, we want to thank you for submitting an application and giving us the opportunity to get to know you better through your academic successes and your Personal Profiles. We appreciate the effort everyone has put into their UBC application. We wish we could admit all qualified applicants, but with more applications than spaces, this is not possible. Learn more about how UBC makes admissions decisions.

Here are some common questions students are asking:

What if I have been placed on a wait-list? When will I be notified of my final decision? What should I do?

If your application has been wait-listed, we have indicated on your application status the date by which we will notify you of a final – yes or no – decision. For the majority of programs at UBC, the acceptance deadline is June 1. After this time, we will know how many students are accepting our offers of admission. If we need to make a few more offers of admission (because fewer students accepted their offers than we expected), we will make offers to wait-listed applicants. If enough students accept their offer, we will notify students on the wait-list that we will not be making additional offers.

Our best advice is that you move forward with other post-secondary plans in case we don’t make additional offers in June. If we do make more offers in June, we hope they will be considered but we understand if students have made plans to study elsewhere.

What about my second choice?

Our goal is to have all second-choice decisions to students by June 1. If you received a positive decision to your first choice, we stop there (assuming this is the choice you prefer). If your first-choice application is wait-listed, we will continue to evaluate your second choice and we will notify you in mid-June about your first-choice program.

If I accept my second choice but I am wait-listed for my first choice, will you still evaluate my first choice?

Yes, we will always evaluate first choices (whether you accept or decline your second choice). All wait-listed applicants will receive a final decision in mid-June.

I have been admitted to my first choice, but now I would prefer my second choice. Will you still evaluate my second choice?

We will only evaluate your second choice if you request us to do so by contacting us. We always assume that your first choice is what you prefer.

We will evaluate second choices (for applicants who have been successful with their first choice) if space is still available in the second-choice program.

The best source of information on the status of your application is the Student Service Centre. Here you will see the status of each one of your choices.

Self-reporting for BC/Yukon applicants closes April 14

Self-reporting for BC/Yukon applicants closes April 14

We hope you enjoyed a lovely spring break. While you were away, we have been reading as many personal profiles as possible so you should have your admission decision by mid-April.

This is a reminder that self-reporting is mandatory and will close on April 14.

BC and Yukon applicants in a full-year system

If your school’s courses run from September to June, please wait until you receive your Term 2 report card to self-report your grades. If you self-report before you receive this report card, you will be doing so incorrectly.

If you have already received your Term 2 report card, please self-report your grades.

BC and Yukon applicants in a semestered system

If you are taking semestered courses, you can report your grades right away — and please do. Please do not report Semester 2 grades, only list the courses you are currently taking and leave the grade section blank. For more detailed instructions, please visit the BC & Yukon self-reporting instructions.

We look forward to evaluating your application very soon. You will not be disadvantaged if you are waiting for your Term 2 report card (full-year system) to self-report.

Campus tours available on UBC’s Vancouver and Okanagan campuses

Campus tours available on UBC’s Vancouver and Okanagan campuses

If you’re still in the process of figuring out whether UBC is the right place for you, we highly recommend visiting us in person for a campus tour.

Although we have lots of great candid info and photos on Instagram and Snapchat (youbcsnaps), there’s no substitute for setting foot on campus, talking with a current student face-to-face, and having them show you some of the key locations where you’ll spend time as a first-year student at UBC.

The campus tour experience

Your guided walking tour will include:

  • a brief introductory presentation
  • a visit to a residence, a library, as well as some of our recreational and social facilities
  • an introduction to the many services available to students

After the tour, a Student Recruiter-Advisor will be available to answer your questions about UBC’s undergraduate academic programs, admissions information, scholarship opportunities, and more.

Take a virtual tour

If you’re unable to visit UBC in person, you can get a feel for our two campuses by taking a virtual tour.

ubc, virtual, tour, Vancouver, Okanagan, campus, visit

You can search #UBCtour on Twitter and Instagram to get a glimpse of the locations you could see on a UBC campus tour. You can also use the #UBCtour hashtag to post your own thoughts or photos when you’re taking one of our campus tours.

We look forward to seeing you!

What the heck is ‘rolling admissions’?

What the heck is ‘rolling admissions’?

We evaluate your UBC application when it becomes complete, which means when we have received your grades and other required information. And with 40,000 applications coming in from tons of different school systems around the world, we receive grades and supporting documents at different times.

Continue reading “What the heck is ‘rolling admissions’?”

Alberta, Manitoba, the Maritimes, and Saskatchewan: UBC document upload deadline is March 15

Alberta, Manitoba, the Maritimes, and Saskatchewan: UBC document upload deadline is March 15

Have you uploaded your documents to the Student Service Centre yet? Document upload will be closing on Wednesday, March 15, so be sure to get your documents in as soon as you have them.

Check out our tips on uploading your documents.

If you are an International Baccalaureate student in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or the Maritimes, we will receive your anticipated IB results directly from your IB coordinators, so you do not need to upload documents to complete your application.

Have questions? Email us at and include your full name and UBC student number so we may best assist you.