Tuition & Scholarships

Tuition & Scholarships

University is a big investment. At UBC, we recognize the significant contribution you and your family make toward your education. We’re here to support you through financial advising, scholarships, bursaries, and other assistance programs.

How much does a UBC education cost?

The quality of a UBC education is world-class, and the cost of attending is very competitive.

Example of first-year tuition and living expenses

Credits Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents International Students
Arts 30 $5,088.00 $30,359.10
Commerce (Sauder School of Business) 30 $7,538.10 $36,519.90
Applied Science (Engineering) 37 $6,275.20 $37,442.89
Science 30 $5,088.00 $30,359.10
Living costs, books, and student fees $17,600+ $17,600+
Total (CAD$) $22,688+ $47,960+


Am I eligible for scholarships?

UBC and its donors provide almost $35 million in scholarships to outstanding students each year. Find out what’s available to you.

Are there other awards I can apply for?

Canadian students entering first year can apply for awards that help remove the financial barriers of attending university.

Should I apply for loans?

Student loans provide a more manageable debt load than bank loans, which allows you to focus on your studies.

Are there other programs to help me financially?

You bet! We offer several programs that help students offset the costs of university.

Our commitment to financial support

UBC is dedicated to helping Canadian students access post-secondary education. We believe that if you’re talented enough to study at UBC, you should not be held back because you lack financial resources. In fact, our policy on financial support states that “no eligible student will be prevented from commencing or continuing his or her studies at the University for financial reasons alone.”