What It Costs

If you’re planning to attend university, it’s important to start making a financial plan now. UBC expects you and your family to assume primary responsibility for covering the cost of your education. To help you prepare, we’ve provided a timeline with approximate costs for tuition, housing, meal plans, and books. Please note: fees, including tuition, program, course, special, and student society fees, are approved by the Board of Governors following consultation with students and are subject to change.

  • Calculate costs specific for you using our online cost calculator. Add up the total for tuition, books, and living costs, or view tuition by program.
  • Plan financially for UBC with our budget planning worksheet (download below).
  • Get help. Our Student Financial Assistance & Awards office helps students and families develop their financial plan. If you’d like to schedule a financial advising appointment, contact us.
  • International students wishing to pay their UBC fees in their home currency are encouraged to do so. Our international transfer method allows students to lock into an exchange rate for 72 hours during which time you can transfer funds to UBC via Western Union. For details, visit our Student Services website.
Budget planning worksheet
Download this template to help you create a budget that considers both university and living costs.

Fees and due dates

Get a financial picture of the year ahead with a timeline of when tuition and housing fees are due each academic year. Fees listed are approximate.

Tuition, textbooks, and fees are program specific.

Date Event Amount
June 1, 2016 onward Check your email regularly for your residence offer. Once Student Housing sends your offer, you have one week to accept it and pay your first residence instalment online through the secure online service centre. View an overview of residence fees online.
When you accept your residence offer, select your meal plan type and pay your first meal plan instalment.
$900 (residence)$1,300 (meal plan)
June 1, 2016 onward If you are an international student, your temporary iMED medical insurance fee will be charged to your account once you have registered for courses, covering you until BC MSP coverage begins (see November). $180 to $252
June 1, 2016 Deadline to accept your offer of admission and pay the tuition deposit online through the Student Service Centre. $500 for Canadian citizens and permanent residents; $1,000 for students on a study permit
August 1, 2016 onward Once you have registered for classes, you can begin to buy your textbooks. $500 to $2,000
September 7, 2016 Term 1 tuition fees are due. Tuition fee payment in Winter Session may be done in two instalments. In general, the first instalment covers tuition for Term 1 courses and the first half of two-term courses, plus most student fees. Visit the UBC Calendar for more details. Winter Session student fees are due. $5,088 to $7,500 for Canadian citizens and permanent residents [1]; $30,360 to $37,450 for students on study permits [1];$770 to $1,750 in student fees for the year
September 23, 2016 Second residence and meal plan fee instalments are due. $2,290 to $3,139 for residence and $1,919 to $2,577 for meal plan (range based on room and meal type)
November 1, 2016 onward If you do not have other medical coverage, you are required by BC law to have MSP coverage. Begin paying once your waiting period is over. For most students who arrive in August, the waiting period will be over by November 1. $69.25 per month for a single person
January 6, 2017 Term 2 tuition fees are due. The second instalment covers tuition for Term 2 courses and the second half of two-term courses. Visit the UBC Calendar for more details. See tuition amounts listed for September 7, 2016
January 13, 2017 Third meal plan fee instalment is due. $1,030 to $1,267 (range based on room and meal plan type)

[1] For undergraduate programs only. Amounts are for the full Winter Session, and payments are made per term on a per-credit basis. Visit the Student Service Centre and click “Financial Summary” for your specific fees.