Explore your academic options

As a UBC student, you have the freedom to personalize your learning experience. Take advantage of your access to expert professors, state-of-the-art spaces, hundreds of specializations, and thousands of course options to choose what, where, and how you want to learn.

Your learning experience

Your teachers

At UBC, you’ll learn from award-winning faculty who are recognized experts in their fields. Plus, through in-class discussions, presentations, seminars, and tutorials, you’ll have a chance to share your ideas and hear the unique perspectives of other students from across Canada and around the world.

Your course experiences

At UBC, you will not be spending all of your time in a classroom. UBC believes in flexible learning that combines face-to-face classroom methods with digital and experiential learning opportunities. Depending on your degree, the course, and your professor, you might solve complex problems in a classroom or online, conduct experiments in a laboratory, or gather research data in the field.

Your study spaces

Access resources, study solo, or book a meeting room at one of 15 library branches across the University’s two campuses. With over 7 million print and electronic volumes, 2.1 million ebooks, and more than 370,000 journal titles, UBC has one of the top research collections in Canada. If you’re looking for other options, there are all sorts of unique study spaces on both campuses where you can collaborate with others or work quietly on your own.

Learn more about your options

  • Check out sample courses for each of your four years of study.
  • Find out about co-op and other learning opportunities.
  • Explore dual-degree and program options within your degree.

“Get involved! Sign up for that club, take part in that event, drag yourself out of bed for that early-morning volunteer position, or ask about an international exchange. With UBC’s diversity, there are endless opportunities to get involved both inside and outside your program.”

Claudia, Enrolment Services Advisor

How to get academic help

You can discuss concepts, compare notes, and develop study strategies with the help of upper-year students, who have already completed some of the toughest courses, through Supplemental Learning (Okanagan campus) or Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (Vancouver campus).

Structured first-year experiences

If you’re a first-year student on UBC’s Vancouver campus, programs like Arts One, Land One, Science One, the Coordinated Arts Program (CAP), and the Coordinated Science Program (CSP) offer an alternative approach to learning. If you are interested in a structured and integrated curriculum, want to be part of a small community, and feel you could benefit from dedicated spaces for studying and socializing, one of these programs could be for you.

Three ways to make the most of your education

You have the power to connect your learnings to your own life experiences and community. Each year, the University invests tens of millions of dollars in programs and services designed to help you enrich your experience and transition to a career after graduation.

Give back

Make meaningful contributions to important initiatives and research by volunteering on campus and in communities around the world.

Get experience

Expand your career network and gain hands-on experience in your field with on-campus work opportunities, and local and global practicums, internships, and co-op terms.

Study abroad

Immerse yourself in another culture and gain a fresh perspective with study and research opportunities in 40+ countries worldwide.


Global Lounge

Finding the right opportunities

Discover leadership, mentoring, volunteering, and workplace learning opportunities in the local community and beyond through the Student Experience Office on the Okanagan campus and the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers on the Vancouver campus.

Explore your career options, get ready for the job market, and access career-building opportunities by taking advantage of one-on-one advising services and online resources on the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses.

Explore your study-abroad options around the world, learn how to apply, and find out if you’re eligible for any international learning awards through the Go Global program on the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses.

“There is so much happening on campus that it can be hard to choose which clubs or course unions to participate in. Clubs Day is a great chance to explore your options.”

Moozhan, Visual Arts and Art History student at UBC Okanagan

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