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Even as a new student to UBC, you have the freedom to design your own timetable. Course registration begins in June. Two weeks before you’re eligible to register online, you will receive an email with your assigned registration date and time. It is very important that you register at that date and time – regardless of where you are in the world – for your best chance at securing your first choice of courses.

How to register for courses

  1. Adjust to Pacific Time by converting your assigned registration date and time to your local time zone using an online time zone converter.
  2. Begin building your timetable in early June using the online worklist tool on the Student Service Centre. Many first-year students will be trying to register for the same courses as you, so be sure to create several timetable options in different worklists.
  3. Log in to the Student Service Centre before your assigned time and wait for registration to open.
  4. Register for courses in your worklist by clicking Register All or selecting specific checkboxes and clicking Register Selected. For a course that does not appear in your worklist, choose a course, select a course section, and click Register Section.
  5. Review your timetable by clicking My Timetable.
  6. Note your fee balance in your financial account. The first instalment for the Winter Session is due by September 4. You will not receive a statement in the mail. For detailed fee information, click Finances and Tuition History.

Registration deadlines

On UBC’s Okanagan campus, the deadline for course registration varies. On UBC’s Vancouver campus, course registration ends on July 15 for first-year students and July 31 for all other students. If you receive your offer of admission after these dates, you can register for courses until classes start.

For more details, check out the online course registration guide for your UBC campus:

Course registration guide for the Okanagan campus
Course registration guide for the Vancouver campus

“The Degree Navigator tool is extremely useful for laying out which courses satisfy your different elective requirements.”

Access the Degree Navigator from your Student Service Centre account by clicking Registration and selecting Degree Navigator Okanagan or Degree Navigator Vancouver.

Abdullah, Chemical Engineering student at UBC Vancouver

How to build your timetable

Check the course requirements for your degree and take a closer look at the course requirements for any programs you are interested in. Review the description for each course you’re considering on the Okanagan or Vancouver campus, checking that you meet the prerequisites and confirming whether the course has an associated lab, discussion, and/or tutorial. If a course is offered at multiple times, choose one section.

Once you have met your degree requirements, you can complete your timetable with elective courses in subjects that interest you. Most degrees on UBC’s Vancouver campus give you the option to take eligible elective courses for a Credit, D, or Fail standing instead of percentage grades.

Please note that one-hour classes are actually 50 minutes long and 1.5-hour classes are actually 80 minutes long, which gives you 10 minutes to get from one class to the next. You must register for Term 1 (September through December) and Term 2 (January through April) at the same time.

Adding or dropping courses

Most courses can be added, dropped, or changed up until the second week of classes, but course availability decreases over time and essential courses may be full if you wait too long to register. If you register for courses but choose not to attend UBC, it is your responsibility to withdraw from them all before the add/drop deadline.

Course waitlists

If a course you want is full, add your name to the wait-list (if available) and check back regularly to see if a spot becomes available. If you’re unable to secure a spot in a course required for your degree before registration closes, contact an academic advisor on the Okanagan or Vancouver campus.

Taking electives outside your degree

Most degrees on UBC’s Vancouver campus give you the option to take eligible elective courses for a Credit, D, or Fail standing instead of percentage grades.

“If your degree doesn’t have a standard timetable, reach out to upper-year students for help.”

Thao, Commerce student at UBC Vancouver

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Choosing your first-year courses

As soon as you’ve been admitted to UBC, you can begin thinking about the courses you’ll take in first year. If you familiarize yourself with how to read course descriptions now, you’ll have a head start when it’s time to build your course timetable in June.

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