What to expect at UBC


Finding your classes

You can expect to spend some time getting your bearings on campus and finding your classes. Your faculty building will be your second home but you could have classes elsewhere on campus.

Check out your registered timetable at the Student Service Centre for location details.

Getting your books

You’ll need to visit the UBC Bookstore for your course materials. You can order books online to skip the bookstore line-ups (and don’t forget about used-book, book-rental, and buy-back options).

Check your course booklist on the Student Service Centre.

Creating a personal schedule

You’ll want to start the year off right by creating a personal schedule for your classes, assignments, and exams. This will help you manage your time and meet your deadlines.

Finding sweet study spots

As you visit different spots on campus during your first-week events – including orientations – keep an eye out for quiet study spaces and academic resources available to you on campus.

Getting involved

Don’t wait until you’re busy with midterm exams. Start investigating now! Find out which groups, clubs, and extracurricular options are right for you. Since your experience is about more than just classes, make sure you find some time to get involved in campus life.

Connecting with classmates and making new friends

Connect with classmates, peers, professors, other students, and UBC staff as much as possible. You’ll keep these connections for life — and the support they can provide will help you thrive and succeed at UBC.

Start making connections now and get a glimpse of life at UBC using #IAMUBC on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.