Admission for Canadian Aboriginal students

UBC has a long history of supporting Aboriginal student academic and personal success through Aboriginal-focused programs and services, including the Aboriginal Admission Policy, priority assignment placement in student housing, scholarships and bursaries, and culturally relevant programs and services for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students through the First Nations House of Learning.

To access and receive information about these programs and services, it is important to self-identify as an Aboriginal person of Canada on your application. This helps us help you during your studies at the university.

Admission to UBC

All applicants to UBC, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, are required to meet university general admission and degree-specific admission requirements. As with all applicants, the University will review your academic history and, depending on your degree and year level, your Personal Profile to make an admission decision. Most Aboriginal students are admitted based on meeting the requirements set out by their degree of choice.

Aboriginal Admission Policy

If you are not initially admitted, we will take a second look at your application using the Aboriginal Admission Policy. Your application will be sent to your degree of choice and to the First Nations House of Learning, who may consider your history, cultural knowledge, work experience, educational goals, and other achievements in determining your admissibility. They will review your academic history and Personal Profile to ensure that you are ready for university study. They will submit their recommendations back to the Undergraduate Admissions Office, who will notify you of their decision. 

To be considered through the Aboriginal Admission Policy, you must be a Canadian Aboriginal applicant and self-identify as an Aboriginal person in the online application to UBC.

UBC-Langara Aboriginal Transfer Partnership

If you do not meet UBC’s general admission requirements, consider starting your studies at another college or university and transferring to UBC to complete your degree. If you plan carefully, the courses you take will be recognized by UBC and applied to your degree and program requirements. The BC Transfer Guide is a great resource that shows you how your college courses will be recognized by the University.

The UBC-Langara Aboriginal Transfer Partnership, in particular, provides the academic and personal preparation required for Aboriginal students to successfully transition from Langara College to UBC’s Vancouver campus. If you complete the Partnership’s requirements, you will be guaranteed admission to a participating UBC degree and may be eligible to receive scholarships and awards.

How to apply

When you apply, be sure to self-identify as an Aboriginal person of Canada. UBC will provide you with important information on Aboriginal programs, scholarships and bursaries, and student services specifically for Aboriginal students.

An application fee is required to submit your application. If financial difficulty keeps you from submitting your application, please contact Celia Reimer to discuss your options (contact information below).

UBC provides newly admitted Aboriginal students a priority assignment in the University’s single-student and year-round housing. If you are interested in residence living, apply for housing when you complete UBC’s online application.

Connect with an advisor

If you are thinking about applying to UBC we would be very happy to meet you in person or by telephone to discuss your options and how to plan for the application process. And if you have already started an application and have questions regarding the application, documents required, or the admission process, we would be happy to help. Please contact:

Monika Wilson
Community Liaison Manager, Aboriginal Students

Celia Reimer
Admissions Advisor