Your UBC Vancouver orientations

Your UBC Vancouver orientations

Your first day at UBC Vancouver is coming up fast! Once you’ve accepted your offer, you’re ready to start thinking about the orientation options available for you this summer. Together, they’re designed to help you meet your first friends, get ready to learn in a university setting, and hit the ground running as soon as classes begin in September.

Academic Essentials

Academic Essentials is an online program that will prepare you for academic success as you transition to university. There are three courses you can take: Reading and Writing at University, Readiness for University Mathematics, and Live Well to Learn Well. You can choose one, two, or all three. Each is offered online as a self-paced and self-directed course, and you’ll be guided by facilitators who are current UBC undergraduate students who can share their first-year learning experiences. In all your Academic Essentials courses, you’ll build your academic skills, develop confidence in your academic readiness, and get access to a library of learning and wellness resources to help you get the most out of your first year.

Who should take part

All incoming first-year students to UBC Vancouver.

Dates and deadlines

Academic Essentials runs from July 4 to August 11. Registration will open on June 6.

Jump Start at UBC Vancouver

Jump Start at UBC Vancouver is a five-day academic orientation program designed to give you a first look at university life, let you meet your professors and academic community, and help you make your first friends at UBC Vancouver. This year, depending on whether you’re planning to live on or off campus in your first term, you’ll be able to participate in Jump Start’s residence or commuter stream.

In both streams, you’ll enjoy scheduled group events with your classmates, as well as sessions and offerings you can take part in at your own pace. You’ll be assigned to a learning community which will be led by two upper-year students and a faculty fellow. Together, you’ll take part in fun activities like trivia nights, sports, dance tutorials, and art activities, as well as opportunities to explore campus and learn how to successfully transition from high school student to university scholar.

Who should take part

All first-year students coming to UBC Vancouver from high school.

Dates and deadlines

Jump Start at UBC Vancouver runs from August 29 to September 2. Residence students may move in on August 27. Registration will open in late May.

Your UBC Okanagan orientations

Your UBC Okanagan orientations

Congratulations on your offer of admission to UBC Okanagan! Once you’ve decided UBC is the right place for you and accepted your offer, it’s time to take a look at your orientations before classes start. This summer, these activities and events will help you build your community and meet your first friends, learn more about campus life and route-finding, and get ready for your first day in September.

UBC 101

As a new-to-UBC-Okanagan student, you’ll be automatically enrolled in UBC 101. This course has two streams: an Indigenous student stream and a general student stream. Both streams contain a series of online modules that will help you discover the history and traditions of UBC Okanagan, learn about the academic transition to university, and be introduced to on-campus support services. Make sure you don’t miss the module that provides important information about course registration.

UBC 101’s Indigenous student stream is self-paced, takes about 2 hours, and can be completed anytime between mid-May and mid-August. As an Indigenous student in this stream, your learning will be supported by the Indigenous Programs and Services Office and Indigenous peer mentor team.

UBC 101’s general student stream modules will be released every week between mid-May and mid-August. Completing the modules will take about 1 hour each week and your learning will be led by an upper-year UBC Okanagan student who can answer your questions and help you take care of the essentials before classes start.

Who should take part

All students coming to UBC Okanagan, except Bachelor of Education students.

Dates and deadlines

If you’re eligible, you will be automatically enrolled in mid-May.

Jump Start at UBC Okanagan

Jump Start at UBC Okanagan will help you discover campus life, learn about opportunities, and connect with other students. This multi-day event is a great way to make friends before the first day of term through fun social activities in small groups of around 30.

You can take part in Jump Start’s commuter stream or residence stream, depending on whether you’ll be living on or off campus in your first term. Whichever stream is right for you, you’ll enjoy academic success workshops designed to welcome you to your degree, as well as the chance to connect with faculty members, staff, and other students who are available to help you throughout your time at UBC. You’ll find out what it’s like to learn in a university environment, and can take part in sessions hosted by UBC Okanagan instructors to show you the campus resources and services. By getting the fundamentals out of the way, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters on your first day.

Who should take part

All first-year students coming to UBC Okanagan from high school.

Dates and deadlines

Jump Start at UBC Okanagan runs from August 29 to September 2. Residence students may begin moving in on August 27.

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Kick off your first year at UBC Okanagan with Create orientation. This campus-wide event is here to help you build connections to the people, places, and resources that will support and shape your university experience. Over the course of the day, you’ll meet other new students and connect with upper-level peers who are ready to answer all your questions.

You’ll learn about UBC Okanagan and be welcomed by UBC’s leadership. You can also discover more about the campus and Kelowna community at the Showcase Information Fair. After you’ve registered for Create, you will receive an official email in late August with your personal schedule, including your group number and other important information about the day.

Who should take part

All new-to-UBC Okanagan students.

Dates and deadlines

Create takes place on September 5. Registration will open in July.

Frequently asked questions from Canadian high school applicants

Frequently asked questions from Canadian high school applicants

We’re close to finalizing all first-choice decisions for all Canadian applicants on the Student Service Centre. If you were offered admission, congratulations! If you were not offered admission, thank you for submitting an application and giving us the opportunity to get to know you better through your academic successes and Personal Profiles. We wish we could admit all qualified applicants, but with more applications than spaces, it’s just not possible. If you’re curious, here’s how UBC evaluates your application.

At this point, you might have a few questions:


What should you do if you’ve been placed on a waitlist? When will you receive a final decision?

If your application has been waitlisted, your application status will indicate when you can expect to receive a final – yes or no – decision. For the majority of programs at UBC, the deadline to accept offers of admission is May 1 (or June 1, depending on your campus), but you should check the date specified to you in your offer letter to find out when your deadline is. Once those dates pass, we’ll know how many students have accepted their offers. If fewer students accepted their offers than expected, we’ll make a few more offers to waitlisted applicants. If enough students accepted their offers, we’ll notify students on the waitlist that no additional offers will be made.

Our best advice is to move forward with other post-secondary plans in case we don’t make additional offers in May and June. If we do make more offers, we hope they’ll be considered, but we understand if students have made plans to study elsewhere.


What about your second choice?

Our goal is to have all second-choice decisions to students as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience as we continue to review the second-choice applications.

If you received an offer of admission for your first choice, we’ll stop there unless you contact us to request otherwise.


If you accept your second choice but you’re waitlisted for your first choice, will UBC still evaluate your first choice?

Yes, we always evaluate first choices, whether you accept or decline your second-choice offer. All waitlisted applicants will receive a final decision by the end of June.


You’ve been admitted to your first choice, but now you would prefer your second choice. Will UBC still evaluate your second choice?

We always assume that your first choice is what you prefer. If you’ve received an offer of admission for your first choice, we’ll only evaluate your second choice if you contact us and if there is still space available in your second-choice degree.


Where can you find your application status?

The best source of information on your application is always the Student Service Centre. When you log in to your account, you’ll find an up-to-date status for each of your degree choices.



Application deadline extended to December 2

Application deadline extended to December 2

Planning to apply to UBC this weekend? Our advisors are offline and will not be able to answer your questions. If something goes wrong with your application, don’t panic! You now have until December 2 at 11:59 pm PST to submit your application and still be considered for first-round offers and awards. We’ll be back on Monday to answer your questions.

Online resources



Major Entrance Scholarships

Major Entrance Scholarships

Awarding UBC’s Major Entrance Scholarships is a highly selective process in which the University aims to recognize students with outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements.

This year, on UBC’s Okanagan campus, approximately 1,300 eligible applicants were competing for 39 renewable awards. On UBC’s Vancouver campus, approximately 6,800 eligible applicants were competing for renewable awards ranging in value from $16,000 to $60,000 over four years, and one-time awards ranging in value from $5,000 to $10,000 for first year only.

All applicants who have been awarded a Major Entrance Scholarship will be notified by email by April 27, 2018. Only those applicants who have received an award will be contacted.

We appreciate the time and energy required to meet our deadlines and applaud your dedication to academic and extracurricular pursuits. Congratulations on your outstanding achievements!

What to do before you arrive on campus

What to do before you arrive on campus

It’s only a matter of weeks until you’ll step foot on campus as a first-year UBC student. You’ll be greeted with tons of new experiences and you’ll meet loads of new people, which can be both exciting and overwhelming. To ensure a smooth arrival and a stress-free first week, you’ll want to take care of some important things before you get here.

Here are eight easy tasks that you can complete now to make your arrival a breeze.

  1. Get ready for your orientation

On your first day, you’ll forgo normal class for a fun-filled, day-long series of welcome-to-UBC events. On the Vancouver campus, at the Imagine UBC orientation, you will be joined by the entire class of 2021 for a formal welcome, pep rally, lunch, and more. On the Okanagan campus, register for the Create orientation to join all new-to-UBC students for a day of events, including food, prizes, and more.

  1. Find back-to-school events and programs

The UBC student societies – the AMS on the Vancouver campus and the UBCSUO on the Okanagan campus – host events and programs for first-year students like you.

  1. Read the UBCfyi blog

Now that you’re an official UBC student, read the UBCfyi blog for campus updates and resources, plus info on events, health and well-being, money management, and more.

  1. Update your email address

Make sure your email address is correct in the Student Service Centre and remember to check your messages regularly.

  1. Learn about your student health plan

Visit the student health insurance website to learn more about your plan and coverage, or to opt out if you already have a health insurance plan.

  1. Sort out your financials

Ensure that you have a financial plan in place for the upcoming academic year, and learn about the financial resources available to you on UBC’s Vancouver campus and Okanagan campus.

  1. Pay your tuition online

Avoid lineups by paying your tuition online now.

  1. Get access to public transit

UBC students on the Okanagan campus can get a U-PASS sticker that provides unlimited access to BC Transit in Kelowna and the surrounding area. Just bring your student ID card to the Student Union Office (UNC133) to get your sticker.

UBC students on the Vancouver campus can load their U-Pass onto a Compass Card for unlimited transit services within Metro Vancouver. Obtain your Compass Card from the UBC Bookstore – or any SkyTrain Station or TransLink Fare Dealer – and then link it to your U-Pass online at Apply online at least 48 hours before you intend to travel, and visit for more information.