Join us for a UBC applicant information event

Join us for a UBC applicant information event

Now that you’ve applied to UBC, you’re ready for the next steps in your journey to one of the world’s top 40 universities. You and your family are invited to attend one of the applicant information events we are hosting in cities around the world and across the United States.

At these events, UBC representatives will discuss course planning, registration, housing, new student orientations, campus activities, and more. You will also have a chance to meet other students from your area who have applied to UBC.

Registration for these events is easy – simply log in to your account and click on My Events.

Join us for an online information session

Can’t attend an event in person? Get your questions answered in one of our regularly scheduled online information sessions.

UBC first round offers of admission 2018/19

UBC first round offers of admission 2018/19

We’re pleased to announce that first round offers of admission are now complete. UBC had a limited number of first round offers to extend, and all students who received a first round offer of admission will now see that in the UBC Student Service Centre under Admissions > Application Status.

What are my next steps if I did not receive a first round offer of admission?

Students who did not receive a first round offer of admission will now be considered based on grade information that UBC receives from IB counsellors, OUAC download, self-reporting, and document upload in February and March.

  • BC and Yukon high school students: Self-report your grades starting March 5. Check out our self-reporting blog post for more information.
  • Ontario high school students: Your grades will arrive through the OUAC download. No further action is required unless we connect with you directly.
  • IB students: Your grades are being submitted by counsellors. No further action is required unless we connect with you directly.
  • All other Canadian high school students: Upload your documents starting February 19. Check out our document upload blog post for more information.

For up-to-date and current information, please check your status in the Student Service Centre under Admissions > Application Status

When will you receive your UBC admission decision?

When will you receive your UBC admission decision?

We know that selecting universities to apply to is a huge decision – one that involves plenty of research and preparation. And although that part is done, you still have one big decision left: which admission offer will you accept?

The UBC Admissions Office is meticulously reviewing your applications so that we can give you our decision as soon as we can and you can make your big decision in a timely manner. At the same time, we’re not going to rush through our evaluation of your application – we want to make sure you get a carefully considered decision from us. As soon as we have evaluated your application, you will see our decision on the UBC Student Service Centre under Admissions > Application Status.

Why do some students receive their admission decision before others?

Simple answer: we receive grades at different times depending on your school system.

For some of you, we evaluated your application in January because you applied by December 1 to be considered for a first round offer of admission. Right now, we are receiving International Baccalaureate anticipated grades for BC high school applicants and OUAC grade information from Ontario, and we continue to receive international documents.

As of February 19, applicants from Alberta will begin uploading their documents so that we can evaluate their applications. In March, our 10,000 BC and Yukon high school applicants will begin self-reporting their grades.

Since December, our Admissions team has been reading Personal Profiles and evaluating applications as we receive grades and other information, and we will continue to do so until all applications have been carefully reviewed. We’re working as quickly and carefully as we can to give you an admission decision shortly after we receive all of your grade information.

Admission decisions are not first come, first served

Most important to you: we use the same evaluation criteria for everyone when their files are complete. If your files are complete in March, we will evaluate you exactly as we have done for an applicant whose files were complete in January. Our decisions are not made on a first-come, first-served basis, and we take great care to make sure you get the right decision shortly after your application is complete.

BC and Yukon applicants: Self-reporting opens March 5

BC and Yukon applicants: Self-reporting opens March 5

Every year we receive 10,000 to 12,000 applications for students following the BC high school curriculum. Most of you are attending high school here in BC, some of you are studying in the Yukon Territory, and some of you are studying in other countries, including China and South Korea.

As of March 5, you can all report your grades online through the UBC Student Service Centre.

Your grade information will round out your UBC application so that we can evaluate a combination of your academics and Personal Profile. Reporting your grades is mandatory, so we will send you a number of reminders by email so that you don’t forget to submit your grades online.

When will I report my grades?

If your courses are “semestered” courses (meaning you have final grades for courses you took from September to January), you can report your grades from March 5 to March 16 (remember to wait for any January Provincial Exam results before reporting). Report your final grades from first semester and list your second semester courses (without grades). Do not submit second semester grades.

If your courses are “year-long” courses (meaning you started taking them in September and you will complete them in June), please wait until you receive your spring report card and use this to report your grades. Do not report your grades before you have this report card handy. Many of you will have this report card by March 16 – so please go ahead and report when you receive it.  We know that some of you will not receive this report card until early April, which is why we will keep self-reporting open until April 13 for you. If you have questions, please contact us.

How can I prepare to report my grades?

Have your Personal Education Number (PEN) handy – it’s required to report your grades. Then familiarize yourself with our self-reporting instructions.

BC and Yukon Applicants: Important admissions dates

BC and Yukon Applicants: Important admissions dates

If you’re a Grade 12 student in BC or the Yukon, here are some important dates and deadlines to mark on your calendar.

February 15

If you entered the BC/Yukon school system after Grade 9, February 15 is the deadline for your counsellor or principal to submit a request for you to be waived UBC Vancouver’s language 11 requirementPlease instruct your counsellor to submit this request — and be sure to give them plenty of advance notice. To apply for exemption, UBC needs a written statement from your principal or counsellor indicating your date of entry and grade of entry into the BC school system and your UBC reference number. Statements must be emailed to

March 5 – April 13

The self-reporting link on your UBC Student Service Centre will be live. You need to input your courses and grades so that our office can calculate your UBC admissions average. Students should self-report by March 16.

Students in linear schools with a Term 2 report card date after March 20 will have until April 13 to self-report. Read the BC & Yukon self-reporting instructions early so you are ready to report your grades when you receive the relevant report card.

Mid-March – end of April

You will receive an admissions decision from UBC.

May 1

Deadline for most students to submit housing application to be eligible for priority access, and to accept UBC’s offer of admission and pay the acceptance deposit. (Some students’ deadline will be June 1. Please refer to your letter of admission or the Student Service Centre to find your assigned date.)


UBC receives your official grade information from the BC Ministry of Education. We will verify your self-reported grades against the information we receive from the Ministry, and will email you if anything is amiss.

I’ve applied to UBC. Now what?

I’ve applied to UBC. Now what?

Congratulations on completing your UBC application! You’re one giant step closer to joining our bustling community of students and faculty from around the globe.

Depending on the degree you applied to, the quality of your application, and when your grades become available, you can expect an admission decision any time between the end of January and May. Be sure to check your application status often in the Student Service Centre under Admissions > Application Status.

If you’re itching to know what comes next in the admissions process, check out the video below:


Until you hear back from us, take this time to learn more about the degree that you applied to. This is also a great opportunity to envision your future at UBC and have your questions answered by joining a campus tour, attending an event for applicants, or taking part in an online info session.


Update your mailing address with UBC

Update your mailing address with UBC

Some people say the art of snail mail is dead, but we disagree. There is no substitute for the tingly feeling you get from tearing open a crisp envelope, removing its contents, and getting the good news that you’ve been waiting for – like your offer of admission from UBC.

UBC will be sending out offers soon, and yours could arrive by mail or courier any time between the end of January and May. To make sure there are no delays or errors, please log into the Student Service Centre (SSC) and make sure the address under Personal Info > Contact Summary is accurate. You can update your address information at any time in the SSC.

When updating your address

  • Use your home mailing address where you live and will be applying for a study permit (if required). Using an address in a different location can cause problems in the study-permit process.
  • Include a phone number at the same location as your home mailing address.

Check the status of your application

While you’re logged into the SSC, you can also check your application status, which is the most up-to-date information on your application. Keep in mind that we’re currently receiving a lot of documents from students, so if you’ve recently sent in a transcript or another required document, it will take some time for it to be updated in your profile.

Stay in touch

If you have any questions or concerns about your application or updating your address, get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter, or leave a comment here and we’ll be happy to help.

Some UBC programs still accepting applications

Some UBC programs still accepting applications

Although the deadline to apply for the 2017/18 Winter Session (September to April) has passed, certain UBC programs are still accepting applications. If you are planning to apply, get your application in soon – unless a specific deadline is indicated, programs will close their application without notice.

A flood of applications

As of January 16 2018, the UBC Admissions office received just over 45,000 applications! If you’ve already applied, thanks for your submission. We’ve been busy answering applicants’ questions and making sure you’ll receive an email notifying you of which documents you need to submit. We’re eager to evaluate your application so that we can send you a decision as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience as we work through the 45,000 applications that we received.

What comes after applying?

Check the Admissions Blog routinely for timely posts about how to submit your documents, when we’ll send offers of admission, self-reporting, and other important admissions-related details.