BC and Yukon applicants: Important admissions deadlines

BC and Yukon applicants: Important admissions deadlines

If you’re a Grade 12 student in BC or the Yukon, mark these important dates and deadlines in your calendar.

January 31

  • Deadline to provide UBC with your BC Personal Education Number (PEN).
  • Deadline to order a transcript for UBC via gov.bc.ca.

When ordering your transcript, be sure to select “Send my transcript now and allow this Post-Secondary Institution to request transcript updates,” and choose the default date (one year from the date of your order) so that UBC can receive your interim and final grades continuously. This will allow UBC to receive your transcripts electronically from the BC Ministry of Education.


February 15

If you entered the BC/Yukon school system after Grade 9:

  • Deadline for your counsellor or principal to submit a request for you to be waived UBC Vancouver’s language 11 requirement. Please instruct your counsellor to submit this request — and be sure to give them plenty of advance notice before the February 15 deadline.

To apply for exemption from the language 11 requirements, UBC needs a written statement from your principal or counsellor indicating your date of entry and grade of entry into the BC school system and your UBC reference number. Statements must be emailed to language11.waiver@ubc.ca.


If you have completed less than four consecutive years of study within Canada:


If you are completing your IB diploma in Canada:

  • Deadline for IB Coordinators to submit your anticipated score results to UBC. This information is sent electronically and directly from your school to UBC.


Mid-March – end of April

As all grade information will be sent to UBC from the BC Ministry of Education on a continuous and ongoing basis, you do not need to submit any paper transcripts.

After your application is reviewed, you will receive an admissions decision from UBC (unless you have already heard from UBC with a first round offer of admission) by email, or you can check your applicant status in the Student Service Centre from mid-March to the end of April.


May 1

  • Deadline to submit housing application to be eligible for priority access.
  • Deadline to accept UBC’s offer of admission and pay the acceptance deposit.

Some students’ deadline will be June 1 instead of May 1. Please refer to your letter of admission or the Student Service Centre to find your assigned date.


You’ve applied to UBC. Now what?

You’ve applied to UBC. Now what?

Congratulations on completing your UBC application! You’re one giant step closer to joining our bustling community of students and faculty from around the globe.

Depending on the degree you applied to, the quality of your application, and when your grades become available, you can expect an admission decision any time between the end of January and May. Be sure to check your application status often in the Student Service Centre under Admissions > Application Status.

If you’re itching to know what comes next in the admissions process, check out the video below:



Until you hear back from us, take this time to learn more about the degree that you applied to. This is also a great opportunity to envision your future at UBC and have your questions answered by joining a campus tour, attending an event for applicants, or taking part in an online info session.


Some UBC degrees still accepting applications

Some UBC degrees still accepting applications

Although the deadline to apply for the 2020/21 Winter Session (September to April) has passed, certain UBC degrees are still accepting applications. If you are planning to apply, you need to submit your application soon – unless a specific deadline is indicated, degrees will close their application without notice.

A flood of applications

As of January 16, 2020, the UBC Admissions office received over 42,000 applications! If you’ve already applied, thank you for your submission. We’ve been busy answering your questions and making sure you’ll receive an email notifying you of which documents you need to submit. We’re eager to evaluate your application so we can send you a decision as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience as we work through all 42,000 applications that we received.

What comes after applying?

Check the Admissions Blog routinely for timely posts about how to submit your documents, when we’ll send offers of admission, self-reporting, and other important admissions-related details.


Update on first-round offers of admission

Update on first-round offers of admission

We received more than 8,000 applications from students who follow the Canadian curriculum and will be considered for a first-round offer of admission. That’s a lot of Personal Profiles to read! We’re already sending out first-round offers of admission and will continue to send them through to February 28. If you don’t receive an offer by February 28, don’t worry – no one will be refused admission during first-round offers of admission.

If I am not admitted by February 28, what do I do?

UBC is reviewing student applications every week. Students who applied before the December 1 deadline will be admitted on different days as the weeks go by. All students who follow the Canadian curriculum and met the December 1 deadline will be considered for first-round offers of admission, and all of those offers will be finalized by February 28.

If you are not admitted by February 28, sit tight and follow the instructions we send you by email for additional grade information.

Can someone tell me if I’ll receive an offer?

If you call our front-line team, they will not be able to tell you if you will be admitted. If you want to know what your current status is, refer to the Student Service Centre (SSC). When you visit the SSC, you can learn about where your application is in the process by viewing your “Applicant Status.” The messaging on your Applicant Status will tell you if you have successfully submitted your application, list your dates and deadlines, and lay out your next steps.

If you have already been admitted, your applicant status will tell you that. If it does not say that you are admitted, check back after February 28. At that time you’ll see new instructions that you must follow.


How UBC will keep in touch with you

How UBC will keep in touch with you

Do you wonder what happens after you submit your application?

After you submit your application, the Admissions Office reviews it and creates an electronic file for you. In a week or two’s time, you will receive an email listing the additional information you need to submit in order to complete your application.

Check your email

Your email address is a crucial piece of information to submit with your online application. Please be sure to use an email address that you will be checking frequently. Also check your email provider’s spam filters so that UBC emails with important information are not being filtered out.

If your email provider mistakenly deleted something we sent you, you can always log in to the Student Service Centre and click on the Message Centre to see all the emails the Admissions Office has sent to you.

If you have any questions, contact us.

If you applied before December 1

We have started reading the Personal Profiles of everyone who submitted an application by December 1. Successful Presidential Scholars Award candidates will be contacted in mid-April.

How to change the degree you applied to

How to change the degree you applied to

Have you had a change of heart? If you’ve applied to one degree, but decided you’d rather pursue a different one, here’s what you need to do.

How to change your degree

  1. Check the admissions requirements for your new degree choice and make sure you meet the criteria.
  2. Be certain of the order of your choices – think of them as two separate applications ranked in order of preference. We will evaluate your first choice first, and if we offer you admission to that choice, we will stop there. We will only evaluate your second-choice degree application if you were unsuccessful with your application to your first choice.
  3. Be absolutely sure you want to change your degree, because it could affect your award eligibility. If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and you apply by December 1, 2019, your first-choice application will be considered for a Presidential Scholars Award. If you are an international student and you apply by December 1, 2019, your first-choice application will be considered for an International Major Entrance Scholarship. For all students, your new first-choice application will not be considered for an award if you make a change after December 1.
  4. After you’ve thought through the above, you can submit the changes of your first-choice and second-choice applications by January 15, 2019. Be sure to include your full name and UBC reference number, and we will update your UBC application accordingly. Your application changes will not be updated if your request is made after January 15, 2020.

Please submit your program change request here. You can use the same link to ask any questions you might have about about changing your degree.


Please note:

  • Some degrees (for example, Nursing on UBC’s Okanagan campus) can only be considered first-choice degrees. This means that if you select that program as your second choice, it will not be evaluated.
  • We will notify you if we cannot accommodate a change to your application.

And remember, you use the same UBC application to apply for degrees on both UBC campuses. Your first choice and second choice can be on the same campus or on two different campuses. January 15, 2020 is the deadline for submitting your application, and the deadline for changing the program you’re applying to.


Tour UBC’s Okanagan and Vancouver campuses

Tour UBC’s Okanagan and Vancouver campuses

If you’re still in the process of figuring out whether UBC is the right place for you, we highly recommend visiting us in person for a campus tour.

You can find lots of great info and photos on TwitterInstagram, and Snapchat, but there’s really no substitute for setting foot on campus, talking with current students face-to-face, and having them show you some of the places where you’ll spend time as a first-year student at UBC.

What to expect

Your guided walking tour will include:

  • visits to a residence, a library, and some of the recreational and social facilities on campus;
  • an overview of the kinds of services available to UBC students.

After the tour, an advisor will be available to answer your questions about academic programs, admissions, scholarship opportunities, and more for undergraduate students at UBC.

Can’t visit in person?

No problem! Get a feel for our two campuses with our virtual tours, then explore #UBCtour on social for a taste of what you’d see on an in-person campus tour.

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