Deferring your admission

If you are offered admission to full-time study in the first year of a degree program, you may request a deferral for one year (or two years for mandatory military service).

To be eligible for a deferral, you must:

  • Accept the offer of admission and pay your acceptance deposit
  • Submit a Deferred Admission Request Form (see below) by July 15.
    Note: we will continue to accept requests (beyond the July 15 deadline) for deferrals from international students who are having problems obtaining a Canadian study permit for their UBC studies. Please complete the form as soon as possible. 

If your deferral request is granted, we will provide you with a new UBC student number and a new admission-confirmation letter early in the new year.

Deferred Admission Request Form
121 KB PDF
Download this form to submit an admission-deferral request.

Deferred admission is not possible if:

  • You did not pay your acceptance deposit
  • You were admitted to the second or upper years of a degree program
  • You want to defer your admission to attend another post-secondary institution (except in cases where this is required as part of a Rotary Exchange Program)
  • You have been admitted to a limited enrolment degree

Do I need to notify UBC Housing & Conferences?