Advanced Placement students

With our combination of world-class academic programs and vibrant campus life, UBC is widely acknowledged as one of Canada’s best universities. Our goal is to provide a rich learning environment by attracting and retaining the best students from across BC, Canada, and the world, many of whom have Advanced Placement experience.

At UBC, we recognize the value of AP courses. All AP courses are eligible for admission consideration and AP course grades may be combined with an approved high school curriculum to meet the UBC’s admission requirements.

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How UBC evaluates AP courses

All AP courses are eligible for admission consideration and can be combined with an approved Canadian high school or international high school curriculum to meet the University’s admission requirements.

Generally, we use school percentage grades in AP courses to calculate admission averages. Your AP exam results may be included in the calculation if they are available at the time of admission.

Those results will be converted to the following percentages:

AP Grade % equivalent
5 96
4 86
3 80
2 70

AP Capstone

AP Capstone complements the subject-specific knowledge gained through AP courses and exams, and allows students to develop skills in research, analysis, writing, and presentation.

The AP Capstone Diploma Program, AP Seminar and Research Certificate, and AP Seminar and AP Research courses aren’t eligible for UBC transfer credit, but we will look at them positively when you apply.

First-year credit

If you achieve a grade of 4 or better on approved AP exams, UBC will grant you first-year university credit.

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