Connect with UBC in a more informal way by attending one of our fairs. Chat to us at our booth, pick up a Student Guide, or listen to a presentation.

Fairs across Canada

In the fall and spring, our friendly UBC advisors travel around Canada to connect with you at a university fair. Meet us at our booth to receive a copy of our Student Guide, and ask us any questions you might have about applying to UBC, including your personal requirements or which program might be right for you.

UBC attends fairs in various cities and at many schools across the country. You can join us at a large-scale public fair, or a fair organized by your high school. Both are a great way to start the college search process and see many college options at once.

Some fairs are also available to attend online.


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Fairs for Indigenous students

In the fall, our UBC Indigenous advisors travel around the country to fairs in your schools and communities. If you’re Indigenous (a member of First Nations, Inuit, or Métis peoples in Canada), these are a great way to discover which path to further education is right for you by seeing many opportunities at the same time.

You can visit our booth to pick up a Student Guide, an Indigenous Student Handbook, and ask your questions to our knowledgeable Indigenous staff. During various fairs, you’ll have the chance to listen to a short UBC presentation to let you learn a bit more about why UBC might be right for you.


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International fairs

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As well as travelling around Canada, our UBC advisors attend university fairs across the world. These can include fairs that showcase Canadian universities only, fairs at your school that highlight many different universities and colleges, and online fairs.

Come and chat to us to receive your copy of the Student Guide, and ask your personal questions to UBC professionals. Find out how to apply to UBC, what your country’s requirements are, and how to choose your program.

Attending a fair lets you weigh all your opportunities for where you want to study in one place, and will allow you to consider lots of options for international learning.


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