School visits

Every fall and spring, UBC visits schools across Canada and the world to help you learn more about the university. Join us for a presentation in your community.

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In-person school visits

If you want to discover more about UBC or you’re hoping to find out what makes a competitive application, join us for a school visit. Our friendly UBC advisors travel across Canada and around the globe to schools in many of your communities.

During your school visit, you’ll enjoy a presentation from our expert advisors and have the chance to ask your questions. You’ll learn what makes UBC a vibrant place to live, play, and study, how to write a successful application, and find out more about your admissions requirements. All the information is tailored to the curriculum or curricula offered at your school.

Our school visits take place in the fall and spring. Your parents are welcome to attend.


Online school visits

If you can’t make it to a school visit within your community, you can join us online. Our virtual school visits follow the same format as an in-person visit, and you can join us via Zoom or other digital platform.


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Additional school visits for Indigenous students

Between September and December, our UBC Indigenous advisors visit Canadian schools in your community and online. If you are Indigenous (a member of First Nations, Inuit, or Métis peoples in Canada), you can listen to a presentation to help you learn about UBC, discover how to apply, and find out more about UBC’s Indigenous community and the supports and resources available to you. You’ll also have lots of opportunity to ask your questions.

After the presentation, you can take part in a small group or one-to-one meeting to chat more about your interests.


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