UBC school visits and events around the world

UBC school visits and events around the world

No matter where you live, there are lots of ways to connect with UBC. Our recruiter-advisors are currently travelling the world to help you and your family plan your next steps in your journey to UBC.

If you are a secondary school or college transfer student, come to a UBC event or school visit to learn about admission requirements, academic programs, and get an overview of why outstanding students from around the world choose UBC.

Find an event near you

Create an account or log in to your account, and select “Sign up for Events” to see if we are visiting your school, or if there are upcoming events in your area.

Other ways to connect with UBC

We wish we could visit all prospective students’ cities and communities, but if we’re not visiting your region, there are still plenty of ways to get in touch with UBC. Set up an advising appointment, take a virtual tour of our Vancouver campus and Okanagan campus, or visit us in person for a campus tour. You can also sign up for an online information session.

We look forward to meeting you!

UBC school visits and events across Canada

UBC school visits and events across Canada

Just as you’re settling into the 2017 school year, UBC’s recruiters and advisors are hitting the road to help you plan for 2018!

Our UBC experts are rolling out from coast to coast — across the prairies, around lakes, and over mountains — to visit schools and communities across Canada. Our mission: to help support you and your and family with the next steps in your journey to UBC.

We know that you have questions about everything from admission requirements and academic programs to rez life and extracurricular activities, so please come see us. To find out how UBC is connecting with your community, visit the Canadian school visits and events page and click on your home province. We look forward to meeting you soon.

What are the requirements for admission to UBC?

What are the requirements for admission to UBC?

UBC receives more than 30,000 undergraduate applications from across Canada and from around the world. We receive applications from students applying directly from high school, transferring from post-secondary studies, and following diverse educational curricula. For some applicants, English may be your first language, and for others, English may be your second, third, or fourth language.

So, when you ask, “What are the requirements for admission to UBC?” UBC advisors will always answer your question with questions of their own:

  1. Do you meet UBC’s English language requirement?
  2. Do you meet UBC’s general admission requirements (for Canadian students and for international students) based on the high school or post-secondary institution at which you are studying (or have studied)?
  3. Do you know what you’re interested in studying at UBC? You don’t yet need to know what you want to “major” in or have chosen a program, but knowing the degree you’d like to earn (Bachelor of Arts? Bachelor of Media Studies?) will guide you through the degree-specific requirements that vary according to your academic background.
  4. Does your program require you to prepare a Personal Profile or submit a supplemental application? UBC uses broad-based admissions for all high school applicants and for some transfer applicants. Broad-based admissions means that we evaluate your academic profile and Personal Profile to make an admission decision. Some programs will require a supplemental application, portfolio, or audition.

If you are selecting a first-choice and a second-choice program on your UBC application, you will need to meet the program-/campus-specific requirements for each of your choices. You don’t have to indicate a second choice if you don’t have one or if you don’t meet the requirements for a choice other than your first choice, but it is a good idea to keep your options open. And remember, some degrees and programs are offered on both our Okanagan campus and Vancouver campus, so you can indicate one degree on one campus as your first choice, and the same degree on the other campus as your second choice.

Which UBC admission requirements apply to you?

No matter where you’re from, which degree you want to study, or your proficiency in English, find out which UBC admission requirements apply to you.

If you have questions, contact us (and we’ll have some questions of our own for you!).


The UBC online application is now open

The UBC online application is now open

The summer days are dwindling into fall, and it’s time to shift your attention back to academics. If your sights are set on a future at UBC, you’ll want to begin preparing your online application.

The UBC online application for 2018/19 is now open, and the deadline is January 15, 2018. Admission to UBC is not evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis; however, if you’d like to be considered for a Major Entrance Scholarship, you must submit your online application by December 1, 2017.

Before you begin, take some time to read our online application tips and review our four easy steps on how to apply. Plus, read our pointers and watch our video on how to put forth a strong Personal Profile.

There’s lots for you to discover while you decide whether UBC is the right place for you – programs, campus tours, student stories, and much more. Check out the below video to get a peek at what you could be a part of as a student at UBC.

Okanagan campus orientation: what you need to know

Okanagan campus orientation: what you need to know

As part of a longstanding tradition, the first day of classes at UBC is cancelled to make way for the new-student orientation. Leave your books and bags at home and join all of the Okanagan campus’s new-to-UBC students for Create, a day-long series of fun events designed to welcome you to the UBC community and connect you with new friends and experiences.

Your day at the Create orientation

Your day will begin with an introduction, where you’ll meet your Create orientation leader, peer mentor, and a small group of peers and classmates. Within this group, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in an array of activities, including:

  • attending the kick-off event to officially welcome the Class of 2021
  • meeting the dean and various staff in your faculty
  • exploring campus together on a tour
  • enjoying a free lunch
  • discovering helpful information and resources, and listening to live music at the campus showcase

Register now for the Create orientation online, and then check out the event day details for a full schedule, plus a helpful list of what you’ll need to bring to orientation day.



Vancouver campus orientation: what you need to know

Vancouver campus orientation: what you need to know

On the first day of classes in September, at Imagine UBC, more than 9,000 new-to-UBC students will come together with hundreds of faculty, student, and staff volunteers to celebrate the start of the academic year. Campus tours, workshops, a pep rally, and a campus showcase of nearly 400 resources, clubs, and organizations help to engage and orient new students to life as part of the UBC community.

The orientation program run by students for students

Imagine UBC, the main orientation program on UBC’s Vancouver campus, is one of the largest in Canada and is run by students for students. This campus-wide event is held every year on the Tuesday after Labour Day and replaces the first day of classes.

Get the most out of your time at UBC

All UBC students – new, returning, or transfer students – are welcome to attend Imagine UBC. The day is an incredible opportunity to make new friends, meet with student leaders and professors, get to know more about your faculty, and learn about the services UBC offers to support you, as well as the many ways you can get involved on campus. Best of all, Imagine UBC doesn’t end after just one day. Events and email newsletters will help to keep you engaged and informed throughout your first year at UBC.


Okanagan students: find your faculty on social media

go global, new zealand
Image: Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences | Students in the Go Global program in New Zealand.

By now you’re probably burnt out on university research and you’re enjoying the relief and joy that came with your UBC acceptance letter. But before you melt into a summer daze, we have one last task for you.

Stalk your UBC faculty on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter so that you arrive informed this fall.

You’ll be privy to exciting new research, like the investigation by Cultural Studies students who showed the positive impact of “parklets” in the city. You could learn more about student experiences in your program – such as the Chemistry alumna who shared her story of joining and becoming president of the Chemistry Course Union. Or you could check out your future professors, such as the School of Engineering’s Jonathan Holzman, who was recently awarded the the Medal for Distinction in Engineering Education.

Find your faculty below and follow along!

Faculty Social channels
Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies UBC Creative and Critical Studies Facebook
UBC Creative and Critical Studies Twitter
Faculty of Health and Social Development UBC Health and Social Development Facebook
UBC Health and Social Development Twitter
Faculty of Management UBC Management Facebook
UBC Management Twitter
Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences UBC School of Arts and Sciences Facebook
UBC School of Arts and Sciences Twitter
UBC School of Arts and Sciences Instagram
School of Engineering UBC School of Engineering Facebook

Vancouver students: Find your faculty on social media

ubc forestry
Image: Faculty of Forestry | Students use a mobile scavenger hunt game to find specific types of soil in the forest floor at UBC Farm.

By now – with your UBC acceptance letter in hand and your course plans for September taking shape – you’ve no doubt done your fair share of research on your program and faculty. Come September you’ll be diving into the deep end of university life, so now is a great time to test the waters by seeing what students and professors in your faculty are up to.

By stalking your new UBC community on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you’ll arrive this fall already in the know. The cool new ATV that the UBC Baja engineering design team is building? Saw it on the UBC Engineering Facebook page. The UBC avian forensic morphologist solving bird mysteries? Saw the Faculty of Science’s tweet (no pun intended). The annual open house at the UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre? Saw the Instagram post by the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Find your faculty below and follow along this summer so that you arrive informed in the fall.

Faculty Social channels
Faculty of Applied Science (Engineering) UBC Engineering Facebook
UBC Engineering Twitter
UBC Engineering Instagram
Faculty of Arts UBC Arts Facebook
UBC Arts Twitter
UBC Arts Instagram
Faculty of Forestry UBC Forestry Facebook
UBC Forestry Twitter
UBC Forestry Instagram
Snapchat: ubcforestry
Faculty of Land and Food Systems UBC Land and Food Systems Facebook
UBC Land and Food Systems Twitter
UBC Land and Food Systems Instagram
Faculty of Science UBC Science Facebook
UBC Science Twitter
UBC Sauder School of Business UBC Sauder School of Business Facebook
UBC Sauder School of Business Twitter
UBC Sauder School of Business Instagram
Snapchat: ubcsauderschool
School of Kinesiology UBC School of Kinesiology Facebook
UBC School of Kinesiology Twitter
UBC School of Kinesiology Instagram
School of Music UBC School of Music Facebook
UBC School of Music Twitter
UBC Vantage College UBC Vantage College Facebook
UBC Vantage College Twitter
UBC Vantage College Instagram
Vancouver School of Economics at UBC Vancouver School of Economics Facebook
Vancouver School of Economics Twitter