Accepting an offer of admission to UBC

Accepting an offer of admission to UBC

By now, many of you will have received an offer of admission to UBC. Congratulations on all of your hard work to reach this tremendous accomplishment! Now you must formally accept your offer before the deadline and pay the acceptance deposit to confirm your spot at UBC.

The deadline for you to accept depends on when your offer was made and to which program you’ve been accepted. For example, if you were offered admission to the Bachelor of Commerce degree in April, your accept date was May 1. For the majority of programs where decisions were made in April/May, your accept date is June 1.

Where do I find my accept date?

• On your offer of admission letter (page 2).
• On the UBC Student Service Centre following the Accept or Decline My Offer link.

How do I formally accept my offer?

To accept your offer, visit the Student Service Centre and follow Accept My Offer. It’s also essential to pay the acceptance deposit at the same time: CAD $500 for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, and CAD $1,000 for international students. This deposit will be credited to your first term’s tuition.

Do not miss your acceptance deadline!

Be sure to accept your offer on or before the stipulated deadline. Because of the extremely high demand for spaces at UBC, if you miss the deadline, your offer is likely to be withdrawn and made to another student.

Choosing your first-year courses

Choosing your first-year courses

As soon as you’ve been admitted to UBC, you can begin exploring the courses you’ll be taking in your first year. Most students are able to take one or two courses outside program requirements, with a wide range to choose from.

Familiarize yourself with all the possibilities and you’ll have a head start in preparing a course timetable. Registration for first-year programs on the Vancouver campus and registration for first-year programs on the Okanagan campus both take place in June.

Exploring courses

A good first step is learning how to read course descriptions. This explains how program requirements are listed, which is necessary in order to understand your requirements and options.

Required courses

It’s important to be aware of your program’s specific course requirements – that is, the courses that must be completed in order to graduate with a chosen degree.

Important additional requirements

In addition to core courses for your specific program of study, first-year undergraduate programs at UBC include an English, Writing, or Communications requirement as an important element of academic instruction. This applies to all students, regardless of first language or citizenship, so make sure to note what your program requirements are.

First-year English

In particular, if you’re required (or choose) to take a first-year English course (i.e., ENGL 100-level) on the Vancouver campus, you will have to pass the Language Proficiency Index (LPI) test before you can begin the course, unless you fall into one of the categories for exemption from LPI. There are important LPI deadlines in July, so if you have to take an ENGL 100-level course, be sure to check the LPI deadline information to see what applies to you. You can also check First-year English frequently asked questions.

Entry requirements for first-year English in Okanagan programs are slightly different, with several pre-requisite options.

Elective courses

In addition to required courses, students in most faculties are able to take elective courses in which to pursue themes of personal interest. Taking courses outside your own faculty is greatly encouraged – so open up the Academic Calendar and let your imagination soar!

Frequently asked questions from Canadian applicants

Frequently asked questions from Canadian applicants

This year, approximately 18,000 students in Canada submitted applications for admission to one of our 7,000 first-year places. When you consider that every applicant to UBC gets two choices on their application, that’s almost 36,000 applications for 7,000 first-year spaces.

We’ve posted first-choice decisions for all of our Canadian applicants on the Student Service Centre. If you were offered admission, congratulations! If you were not offered admission, we want to thank you for submitting an application and giving us the opportunity to get to know you better through your academic successes and your Personal Profiles. We appreciate the effort everyone has put into their UBC application. We wish we could admit all qualified applicants, but with more applications than spaces, this is not possible. Learn more about how UBC makes admissions decisions.

Here are some common questions students are asking:

What if I have been placed on a wait-list? When will I be notified of my final decision? What should I do?

If your application has been wait-listed, we have indicated on your application status the date by which we will notify you of a final – yes or no – decision. For the majority of programs at UBC, the acceptance deadline is June 1. After this time, we will know how many students are accepting our offers of admission. If we need to make a few more offers of admission (because fewer students accepted their offers than we expected), we will make offers to wait-listed applicants. If enough students accept their offer, we will notify students on the wait-list that we will not be making additional offers.

Our best advice is that you move forward with other post-secondary plans in case we don’t make additional offers in June. If we do make more offers in June, we hope they will be considered but we understand if students have made plans to study elsewhere.

What about my second choice?

Our goal is to have all second-choice decisions to students by June 1. If you received a positive decision to your first choice, we stop there (assuming this is the choice you prefer). If your first-choice application is wait-listed, we will continue to evaluate your second choice and we will notify you in mid-June about your first-choice program.

If I accept my second choice but I am wait-listed for my first choice, will you still evaluate my first choice?

Yes, we will always evaluate first choices (whether you accept or decline your second choice). All wait-listed applicants will receive a final decision in mid-June.

I have been admitted to my first choice, but now I would prefer my second choice. Will you still evaluate my second choice?

We will only evaluate your second choice if you request us to do so by contacting us. We always assume that your first choice is what you prefer.

We will evaluate second choices (for applicants who have been successful with their first choice) if space is still available in the second-choice program.

The best source of information on the status of your application is the Student Service Centre. Here you will see the status of each one of your choices.

Have you seen our Snapchat?

Have you seen our Snapchat?

If you want to see what student life looks like at UBC’s two campuses, check us out on Snapchat at youbcsnaps.

We do tons of student takeovers that range from days at work with co-op students, and campus tours led by student ambassadors, to typical days on campus, and navigating busy schedules with varsity athletes. You’ll see inside residence buildings, meet professors, tour faculties, get a peek at cool study spots and places to hang out, and see what real life at UBC looks like.

Check out a few videos and then follow us at youbcsnaps.

Campus-wide snowball fight

Touring UBC’s Okanagan campus with third-year Arts student Alexander

Checking out the Faculty of Land and Food Systems with second-year student Kat

Your UBC experience begins with Jump Start

Your UBC experience begins with Jump Start

If you’re an international student entering UBC’s Vancouver or Okanagan campus, you’ll want to register for the Jump Start orientation program!

Whether you’re coming to UBC from another country or another culture, transitioning to university can be challenging. Jump Start will help you adjust and set you up for success in all aspects of life at UBC.

Vancouver campus

Jump Start is an 11-day immersion program from August 20 to 30, 2017 that introduces you to the University, your faculty, and new friends.

As you participate, you’ll begin to create a network of contacts who will become part of your community on campus. You’ll develop a clear idea of what it takes to be successful at UBC and, most importantly, you’ll embark on this very exciting journey before classes have even begun.

Jump Start programming is provided free of charge by UBC. You are only responsible for the cost of meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and on-campus accommodation which, at CAD $829.66, is an excellent value.

Get a glimpse of the Jump Start experience at UBC’s Vancouver campus

Registration for Jump Start on UBC’s Vancouver campus closes on July 4, 2017.

Learn more and register.

Okanagan campus

Jumpstart on UBC’s Okanagan campus is a week-long orientation program for new international students, which runs before the start of term, from August 28 to September 2, 2017.

Get ready for your UBC program through a series of workshops and breakout sessions in academic preparation. You’ll begin to feel at home on campus and in Kelowna through fun activities on and off campus as you build your new university community. Although a registration fee (CAD $131.25) is required, all of your programming and basic food and accommodation costs are met by UBC – a fantastic value!

Registration for Jumpstart on UBC’s Okanagan campus closes on July 31, 2017.

Learn more and register.

Get ready for Destination UBC 2017

Get ready for Destination UBC 2017

We can’t wait to meet those of you who have registered for Destination UBC on the Okanagan campus and the Destination UBC Aboriginal Student Welcome on the Vancouver campus. Hundreds of newly admitted students from all over Canada will converge on our two campuses for these exciting events. It’s a time to celebrate, explore UBC, and prepare for life after high school.

What should I do now?

If you’re attending one of our Destination UBC events, you’ll want to check out what’s happening on social media before and during the event. Visit our Destination UBC Facebook pages for the Okanagan campus and the Vancouver campus to connect with fellow incoming students. Start sharing the beginning of your UBC story with the hashtag #DestinationUBC on Twitter and Instagram. It’s easy to make friends before you even arrive!

Plus, follow us on Snapchat (we’re at youbcsnaps) to get a preview of springtime on campus.

What if I am registered as part of the travel reimbursement program?

Once you register for Destination UBC we will send you an electronic package outlining the next steps to book your travel. You should also review the “How will I be reimbursed?” section of the program conditions for the Okanagan campus and Vancouver campus.

Review your confirmation package for a list of some important personal items to bring along. We have a variety of indoor and outdoor games and sports equipment. Plus, there are some activities like yoga, running groups, and walking tours that require proper clothing and footwear. If you play an instrument, bring it along and participate in a jam session. Above all else, bring a positive attitude and we will take care of the rest!

Watch live coverage of UBC Welcomes You

Watch live coverage of UBC Welcomes You

If you won’t be joining us for UBC Welcomes You on our Vancouver campus, on April 29, you can still experience the day’s events on TwitterInstagram, and Snapchat (we’re at youbcsnaps). We’ll be sharing pictures and videos from faculty sessions, campus tours, and more.

If you’ll be attending the event, share your best tweets, pics, and snaps with the hashtag #iamubc and we might repost them on our channels!

International students in Canada: update your study permit

International students in Canada: update your study permit

If you’re an international student attending high school in Canada (not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada), you may not study at UBC until you receive a post-secondary study permit. You need to apply for a new (post-secondary) study permit in order to change conditions of your current secondary school permit.

When can I apply?

You may do this from within Canada while your secondary study permit is still valid. You should apply to change conditions and receive your post-secondary study permit as soon as you are admitted to UBC.

How do I apply?

Further information

More guidance on study permit requirements can be found at UBC’s international student website.