Asian Area Studies

at UBC's

Vancouver Campus

Gain a deeper understanding of Asian cultures while you study history, literary and religious traditions, languages, as well as gender relations. You’ll choose from diverse courses such as “Asian Horror Cinema: National Nightmares and Specters of Trauma,” “The Sikhs: History, Religion and Society,” and “Classical Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Myths and Legends in Translation.”

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Program Information

  • Campus: Vancouver
  • Faculty: Faculty of Arts
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts
  • 4 yrs Length
  • Yes Co-op Option
  • Yes Honours Option

Asian Area Studies introduces you to the history and culture of a variety of Asian societies. You can explore literary and religious traditions, as well as gender relations in Asian cultures. Language instruction courses are offered in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian, and Indonesian.

Campus features

The Asian Library has the largest collection of Asian materials in Canada. Its holdings include the Puban collection of over 45,000 books and unpublished manuscripts and a serial collection of nearly 1,000 Chinese periodicals and newspapers. Among the library’s treasures is the oldest book in the UBC Library system, published in China in 986 AD. The collection also includes a 50,000-volume Indic languages collection with materials in Sanskrit, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, and Gujarati.

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Program Requirements

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