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Faculty: Faculty of Law
Degree: Juris Doctor
Location: UBC's Vancouver campus

Program Description:

Admission to the Juris Doctor program requires a minimum of 90 credits of approved university-level study (ie, admission generally no earlier than fourth year). The Law program introduces you to the Canadian legal system, provides you with a solid grounding in legal methods and processes, and prepares you for a career in law. In the first year of the Law program, you will take a fixed set of courses. In the second and third years, there are few requirements and you may tailor your program to suit your interests, choosing courses from among the widest array offered at any law school in Canada. This is a three-year degree that usually follows a bachelor’s degree in another field.

UBC Features:

Canada’s first woman Prime Minister, Kim Campbell, is a UBC Law alumna.

Sample Courses:

LAW 241 – Torts
LAW 300 – Jurisprudence and Critical Perspectives
LAW 384 – Law and Psychiatry
LAW 388 – Environmental Law in Practice
LAW 393 – Water Law
LAW 394 – Mining Law
LAW 395 – Forest Law
LAW 396 – Fisheries Law
LAW 397 – Oil and Gas Law
LAW 453 – Equitable Remedies
LAW 422 – Intellectual Property
LAW 424 – Communications Law
LAW 425 – Cyberspace Law

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