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Philosophy began by attempting to answer two deceptively simple questions: What can we know? How should we live our lives? These questions in turn gave rise to others, and by studying them you can enhance your communication skills, critical reasoning skills, and general problem-solving skills. UBC’s Vancouver campus has strength in history of philosophy and core areas of analytic philosophy, especially in philosophy of mind and philosophy of science.

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  • Campus: Vancouver
  • Faculty: Faculty of Arts
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts
  • 4 yrs Length
  • Yes Co-op Option
  • Yes Honours Option

Philosophy offers not only its intrinsic interest, but also valuable transferable skills that can be applied to other academic disciplines and endeavours. Study in Philosophy enhances communication skills, critical reasoning skills, and general problem-solving skills, in addition to helping you organize and unify information that you have learned in other courses. You can select a Major, Minor, or Honours degree in Philosophy; a Major in History and Philosophy of Science; or a Combined Major with other programs.

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Hemlock is an online philosophy journal for undergraduate students published at the University of British Columbia.

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