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Study human and animal behaviour and choose to specialize in a number of diverse areas, including: behavioural neuroscience; cognitive science; clinical, forensic, and health psychology; developmental psychology; foundations and psychometrics; and personality and social psychology.

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  • Campus: Vancouver
  • Faculty: Faculty of Arts
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts
  • 4 yrs Length
  • Yes Co-op Option
  • Yes Honours Option

Psychology is the study of behaviour in humans and other species, and covers a broad range of subject matter. Psychologists explore topics that range from the factors involved in social interactions among groups of people and the firing of individual cells in the nervous system to moral development in children. Psychology has many practical applications, such as the determination of the best conditions for learning and memory, the design of work environments for greatest productivity, and the development of therapies for the treatment of behavioural disorders ranging from addiction to depression. You can select a Major, Minor, or Honours degree in Psychology.

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