Post-secondary transfer applications

Post-secondary transfer applications

Did you know that you can apply to study at UBC even if you’ve already begun your studies at another post-secondary institution? Every year, the University receives and reviews more than 9,000 post-secondary transfer applications from students in Canada and elsewhere around the world.

Application assessments

If you’re a transfer applicant, the first thing we review is your interim transcript, which we typically receive in February or March. The majority of transfer applications are reviewed again when we receive final college/university transcripts in May.

Offers of admission

Admission decisions are posted on the Student Service Centre throughout May and June. Keep an eye on your Applicant Status for the most up-to-date information. If you received an early offer of admission, you’ll still need to send us your final transcript so we can confirm your offer and assign transfer credit (if you’re eligible).

Transfer credit

Once we’ve reviewed your final transcript, we’ll determine if you’re eligible to receive any transfer credit. Any transfer credits granted will be posted on the Student Service Centre under Grades & Records. If you have questions about your post-secondary transfer application or transfer credits, contact us.

Frequently asked questions from Canadian high school applicants

Frequently asked questions from Canadian high school applicants

This year, approximately 18,000 students in Canada submitted applications for 7,000 first-year places at UBC. When you consider that every applicant gets to indicate a first and second choice of degree, that’s almost 36,000 applications.

We’ve now posted first-choice decisions for all Canadian applicants on the Student Service Centre. If you were offered admission, congratulations! If you were not offered admission, thank you for submitting an application and giving us the opportunity to get to know you better through your academic successes and Personal Profiles. We wish we could admit all qualified applicants, but with more applications than spaces, it’s just not possible. If you’re curious, here’s how UBC evaluates your application.

At this point, you might have a few questions:

What should I do if I’ve been placed on a waitlist? When will I receive a final decision?

If your application has been waitlisted, your application status will indicate when you can expect to receive a final – yes or no – decision. For the majority of programs at UBC, the deadline to accept offers of admission is June 1. At that point, we’ll know how many students have accepted their offers. If fewer students accepted their offers than expected, we’ll make a few more offers to waitlisted applicants. If enough students accepted their offers, we’ll notify students on the waitlist that no additional offers will be made.

Our best advice is to move forward with other post-secondary plans in case we don’t make additional offers in June. If we do make more offers, we hope they’ll be considered, but we understand if students have made plans to study elsewhere.

What about my second choice?

Our goal is to have all second-choice decisions to students by June 1. If you received an offer of admission for your first choice, we’ll stop there unless you contact us to request otherwise. If you’re waitlisted for your first choice, we’ll evaluate your second choice too and notify you in mid-June about your first choice.

If I accept my second choice but I’m waitlisted for my first choice, will you still evaluate my first choice?

Yes, we always evaluate first choices, whether you accept or decline your second-choice offer. All waitlisted applicants will receive a final decision in mid-June.

I’ve been admitted to my first choice, but now I would prefer my second choice. Will you still evaluate my second choice?

We always assume that your first choice is what you prefer. If you’ve received an offer of admission for your first choice, we’ll only evaluate your second choice if you contact us and if there is still space available in your second-choice degree.

Where can I find my application status?

The best source of information on your application is always the Student Service Centre. When you log in to your account, you’ll find an up-to-date status for each of your degree choices.

BC and Yukon applicants: Self-reporting closes on April 13

BC and Yukon applicants: Self-reporting closes on April 13

While you were away for spring break, we’ve been reading as many Personal Profiles as possible so that you can have your admission decision by mid-April. In the meantime, we need you to self-report your grades (it’s mandatory!) by the April 13 deadline.

Full-year systems

If your courses run from September to June, please wait until you receive your Term 2 report card to self-report your grades. If you’ve already received your Term 2 report card, you can self-report your grades now. If you’re still waiting for your Term 2 report card, don’t worry. You won’t be disadvantaged in any way.

Semestered systems

If your school runs on a semestered system, please report your grades right away. For Semester 2, list the courses you’re currently taking and leave the grade section blank.

For detailed instructions on reporting your grades, visit our BC and Yukon self-reporting page. We look forward to evaluating your application very soon!

BC and Yukon applicants: Reporting your English 12 results

BC and Yukon applicants: Reporting your English 12 results

During the self-reporting period, we receive lots of questions about English 12 and the English 12 Provincial Exam. Here are answers to two of the most common questions we hear.

How do I report my final English 12 grade if I have not yet written my provincial exam?


  1. Under Course Type, indicate whether you took English 12 at a physical high school or via distributed learning/online.
  2. Under Grade Type, indicate that your English 12 grade is a Final Grade.
  3. Enter your final English 12 grade in the GR12 School % box.
  4. Enter 0 (zero) in the GR12 Exam % box.
  5. Enter 0 (zero) the GR12 Final % box.

I’m retaking English 12. Can I report my new interim grade?

If you are retaking the course from September to June at your home school, you can report your new interim English 12 grade as it appears on the high school report card that you receive between March 5 and April 14.

If you are retaking the course in Semester 2 (from February to June), you can only report your old English 12 grade and not your new interim grade from Semester 2.

For detailed instructions on reporting your grades, visit our BC and Yukon self-reporting page.

Tour UBC’s Okanagan and Vancouver campuses

Tour UBC’s Okanagan and Vancouver campuses

If you’re still in the process of figuring out whether UBC is the right place for you, we highly recommend visiting us in person for a campus tour.

You can find lots of great info and photos on TwitterInstagram, and Snapchat, but there’s really no substitute for setting foot on campus, talking with current students face-to-face, and having them show you some of the places where you’ll spend time as a first-year student at UBC.

What to expect

Your guided walking tour will include:

  • visits to a residence, a library, and some of the recreational and social facilities on campus;
  • an overview of the kinds of services available to UBC students.

After the tour, an advisor will be available to answer your questions about academic programs, admissions, scholarship opportunities, and more for undergraduate students at UBC.

Can’t visit in person?

No problem! Get a feel for our two campuses with our virtual tours, then explore #UBCtour on social for a taste of what you’d see on an in-person campus tour.

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What the heck are rolling admissions?

What the heck are rolling admissions?

UBC evaluates your UBC application once it’s complete – so after we’ve received your grades and other required information. With 40,000 applications coming in from different school systems around the world, we receive tons of grades and supporting documents at all different times.

We can’t evaluate everyone’s application at the same time, so we send out admissions decisions as we receive and review information. That’s what we mean by rolling admissions.

If we received your grade information early in the year, we may have evaluated your application in January or February. If you’re a BC or Yukon applicant, self-reporting recently opened and admissions decisions will roll out in March and April.

But don’t worry: UBC uses the same admissions criteria for everyone. Students who receive offers in February have to meet the same admissions criteria as those who receive offers in March, April, and beyond.

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Maritimes: UBC document upload deadline is March 8

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Maritimes: UBC document upload deadline is March 8

Have you uploaded your documents to the Student Service Centre yet? Document upload will be closing on Thursday, March 8, so be sure to get your documents in as soon as you have them.

Check out our tips on uploading your documents.

If you are an International Baccalaureate student in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or the Maritimes, we will receive your anticipated IB results directly from your IB coordinators, so you do not need to upload documents to complete your application.

Have questions? Email us at and include your full name and UBC student number so we can assist you.

Find your UBC admission decision on the Student Service Centre

Find your UBC admission decision on the Student Service Centre

So you’ve applied to UBC, and now you’re wondering: “Did they get my documents?” and “When will I receive my admission decision?”

Tens of thousands of UBC applicants from across Canada and around the world have the same questions. The UBC Admissions Office is doing its best to read every applicant’s Personal Profile and transcript as carefully – and quickly – as possible. We’re swamped with applicant documents, but we’re working very hard to give you a decision as soon as we can.

Once we have evaluated your application, you will see our decision on the UBC Student Service Centre.

If you have sent your documents to us within the past five to six weeks, please be patient with us and we will update your status shortly.

In the meantime, consider coming out to one of our applicant information events, where you can get answers to all your burning questions about life at UBC. We have events scheduled for Canadian, American, and international students. Please join us!