Connect with a UBC advisor near you

Connect with a UBC advisor near you

As you settle into your new school year, our UBC advisors are ready to help you plan for 2021, and the next steps in your journey to UBC.

Our advisors can answer all of your questions about the university, including admission requirements, the application process, and what life is like as a UBC Okanagan and UBC Vancouver student.


Find an event in your area

Given the current global outbreak of COVID-19, we’re holding our region-specific events online. At these events, you’ll get to ask us your questions about UBC, and find out information relevant to where you live and what curriculum you’re studying. Keep checking back to see if more sessions have been added!

All About UBC

Find out about what makes UBC unique in this one-hour session. You’ll get a great introduction to the university by hearing more about the student experience, UBC’s admissions requirements, and how to apply. Feel free to invite your parents and come with your questions!

IB presentation

Learn all about how to apply to UBC with your IB. In this session, you’ll learn all about what it’s like to be a student at UBC, what your requirements are for IB, and the steps you’ll take to apply.

Your degree at UBC

Explore our degree and program options to help you decide whether UBC is the right choice to you. You’ll take part in program-specific breakout sessions which will let you interact with UBC students and faculty from the programs you’re curious about. If you’re not sure what you might like to study, this session will let you learn about a variety of programs and see the opportunities available in each.

Discover UBC’s Okanagan campus

Learn about UBC Okanagan’s tight-knit community and world-class academic experience. In these events, you’ll hear from current students as they share their stories about life at UBC Okanagan, and you’ll meet with UBC advisors who will walk you through the application process.


How to register

To find out if UBC is hosting an event specific to you and your area, log in or create an account on UBC’s Future Student Portal. Based on your profile, we’ll show you a list of all the off-campus events and online events available to you.

To register, simply click the event details button and follow the instructions to reserve a spot. You can find all of the events you’re registered for anytime on the Portal homepage.

Not sure if you already have a Portal account? If you’ve ever attended a UBC event, or been on a campus tour, chances are you already have one. If not – don’t worry! It takes just a few minutes to create an account.


Other ways to connect with UBC

If UBC isn’t running any events specific to your region, there are still plenty of ways to connect:


We’re looking forward to meeting you!



Do you follow us?

Do you follow us?

At UBC, we’re pretty social. In fact, we have dedicated accounts on InstagramFacebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok for anyone who’s aspiring to be a UBC student, applying to UBC, or getting ready for their first day on campus. Sound like you? Click that “follow” button for answers to your questions, important reminders, and to have a peek at student life.


Get answers to your questions

Have a question about UBC? Head over to Facebook Messenger or Twitter. Our team of advisors is online Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Pacific Time), answering all of your questions about applications, admissions, awards, and more. If you’re in a different time zone, leave us a message and we’ll get back to you when we log in for the day. 


Get important info and reminders

Looking for application tips? Worried about missing a deadline? We’ve got you covered. On our Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook, you’ll find information on how to apply to UBC, reminders about key dates and deadlines, and the inside scoop on events of all kinds – starting with info sessions before you apply, celebratory events, and even orientations.



Get a peek at student life

If you’re curious what life is like at UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan, you’ll find what you’re looking for on Instagram and TikTok.



On Instagram, we share our own photos from around campus and re-post our favourite shots. On Instagram Stories and TikTok, we often hand the microphone (and camera) over to current students so you can see UBC life through a fresh set of eyes.




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10 things you never knew about UBC

10 things you never knew about UBC

Did you know UBC has been named the most sustainable university in Canada, or that there’s an outdoor echo chamber in the middle of UBC’s Vancouver campus? UBC’s hallowed halls have produced some of the world’s best thinkers and leaders, as well as some exceptional curiosities, in its 100+ year history. Read on to learn more fun trivia about the university.


1. The Beaty Biodiversity Museum houses Canada’s largest blue whale skeleton. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can get close to the biggest creature that has ever lived on Earth


2. UBC has a quidditch team. Members compete at major events in North America, representing UBC and the city of Vancouver. Past players have also participated on the quidditch world stage as part of Team Canada in the World Cup.


3. UBC’s Vancouver campuses is home to a number of apple trees that are direct descendants of those that inspired Newton to compose his theory of gravity in 1661. The trees are planted near UBC’s TRIUMF lab, which houses the largest particle accelerator cyclotron in the world.


4. UBC alumni include eight Nobel Prize winners, plus three Canadian prime ministers, 71 Rhodes Scholars, and 226 Royal Society of Canada fellows. Our varsity athletes have won a combined total of 58 Olympic medals.


5. All the street signs on both UBC campuses are bilingual. At UBC Okanagan, the signs feature both English and Nsyilxcen, the traditional language spoken by the Okanagan’s original people. At UBC Vancouver, which is built on the unceded territory of the Musqueam people, you’ll navigate by signs in English as well as the hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ language.


6. The buildings on UBC’s Okanagan campus are heated and cooled using energy from the groundwater under the campus. At UBC Vancouver, the pools in the Aquatic Centre are replenished from rainwater that lands on the roof.


7. The Kryptonian language in the Superman movie Man of Steel was developed by Christine Schreyer, an associate professor of anthropology on UBC’s Okanagan campus.


8. UBC’s Vancouver campus is the ninth most popular filming location on earth. It’s served as the setting for many films and TV shows, including The Butterfly Effect, Smallville, three X-Men movies, The X-Files, Legion, Supernatural, 50 Shades of Grey, and more.


9. UBC’s Okanagan campus hosted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Will and Kate!) in fall 2016 during the pair’s royal tour of Canada. The couple dedicated a new Aboriginal art installation commemorating UBC’s centennial and the 10th anniversary of the Okanagan campus, and joined 1,500 UBC students in watching an inter-squad volleyball game.


10. The Seed Lending Library on UBC’s Vancouver campus has a mission to conserve precious seed varieties by allowing members of the public to sign out seeds in order to grow, harvest, and pass them on to other gardeners.


Imagine UBC orientation on the Vancouver campus

Imagine UBC orientation on the Vancouver campus

On the first day of classes (September 8), join thousands of new-to-UBC students and hundreds of volunteers online for Imagine UBC, a virtual orientation event that celebrates the start of the academic year wherever you are in the world.


What to expect

Imagine UBC is an incredible opportunity to:

  • Make new friends
  • Meet student leaders, professors, and the dean of your Faculty
  • Show off your school spirit
  • Find out about services and resources
  • Learn all the ways to get involved during your time at UBC

Over the course of the day you’ll connect with a small group of other new students from your Faculty, join the entire UBC community for a virtual pep rally, check out hundreds of virtual booths hosted by current students for UBC’s clubs and organizations, and start to find your place at UBC.


No matter who you are and what you are interested in, there is something for you at Imagine UBC.

– Indra Hayre, Arts student


Who can attend

All UBC students – including new, returning, and transfer students – are welcome to attend. Look for an email in late August with your personalized Imagine UBC schedule.


Heading to UBC’s Okanagan campus? Check out Monday’s post for details about Create orientation on the Okanagan campus.




Create orientation on the Okanagan campus

Create orientation on the Okanagan campus

You won’t need to hit the books on your first day of classes at UBC Okanagan. Instead, you’ll join other new-to-UBC students online for Create on September 8, a day-long virtual orientation event designed to welcome new students like you to the close-knit UBC community.


What to expect

You’ll get to know your online learning community, a small group of other UBC students from your degree or Faculty. Together, you’ll:

  • Attend Kick-Off, a ceremony designed to officially welcoming the incoming class of 2020
  • Meet your Faculty’s dean and important staff members
  • Get to know fellow first-year students and returning students
  • Explore your new campus virtually
  • Learn more about the resources available to you
  • Find out about opportunities to get involved


Who can attend

All new UBC Okanagan students – especially first-year, mature, and transfer students – are encouraged to attend.


How to register

Register for Create online today – the first day of class will be here before you know it!


Are you a student at UBC Vancouver? Check back later this week for details on the Imagine UBC orientation.



UBC Okanagan students: register for Jump Start

UBC Okanagan students: register for Jump Start

If you’re entering your first year at UBC Okanagan, the deadline to register for Jump Start is approaching fast. Remember to sign up before July 31!


Why Jump Start?

Jump Start’s multi-day online orientation program is created for new-to-UBC students like you. Its events are designed to introduce you to the university, let you connect with your faculty, and help you make your first friends.

From August 31 to September 4, you’ll:

  • Meet other first-year students. Start making friends early and get to know your classmates before your first day.
  • Spend time with senior peers and UBC professors. You’ll enjoy fun social activities and academic workshops online, designed to welcome you to your program.
  • Learn more about the UBC services available to you. You’ll discover the resources offered by UBC, and learn more about the campus community you’ll be joining when public health authorities determine it’s safe to return.
  • Get organized. There are lots of things to sort out before starting university. By taking care of the essentials early, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters later.


Register for Jump Start now

To take part in Jump Start, complete the registration form as soon as possible, and pay your fee ($35 plus tax, non-refundable). The registration fee is waived for all self-identified Aboriginal students.

If the cost for Jump Start prohibits you from participating or if you have any questions, please let us know by emailing

Registration closes on July 31.


UBC 101

Before Jump Start begins, you’re also encouraged to complete UBC 101 online. In less than two hours, UBC 101 will walk you through everything you need to know before September, including how to register for courses, what to expect from classes, and how to access student support services and during your first year.



Register for Jump Start now

Register for Jump Start now

As a student coming directly from high school, one UBC orientation you won’t want to miss is Jump Start! The five-day online program is designed to give you a first look at university life, let you meet your professors and academic community, and help you make your first friends.


Why Jump Start?

From August 31 to September 4, Jump Start will offer both live and pre-recorded activities to help you get familiar with UBC and your new classmates. Each day will include two to three hours of scheduled events, plus a number of sessions, socials, and other offerings that you can take part in at your own pace. Just like many of your courses at UBC, Jump Start will be using Canvas, Zoom, social media, discussion boards, and group chats to connect.

Expect trivia nights, photo challenges, scavenger hunts, social media contests, and more, as well as the chance to ask questions to your faculty members and upper-level UBC students.

Discover more about Jump Start for UBC Okanagan or UBC Vancouver students.


Registration is now open

To take part in Jump Start, complete the registration form for UBC Okanagan or UBC Vancouver as soon as possible, and pay your fee ($35 plus tax, non-refundable).

The registration fee is waived for all self-identified Aboriginal students on both campuses.

If the cost for Jump Start prohibits you from participating, please let us know by emailing for UBC Okanagan, or for UBC Vancouver.


Sign up early

Jump Start registration closes on July 6, 2020 at 12 p.m. PDT for UBC Vancouver, and July 31, 2020 for UBC Okanagan, so make sure you sign up soon.



Tour UBC online with us

Tour UBC online with us

In light of COVID-19, we made the difficult decision to suspend our in-person campus tours at both UBC Okanagan and UBC Vancouver. We’re still looking forward to meeting you, so we’ve moved our live tours online.


What you’ll experience

UBC Okanagan

If you want to learn more about UBC’s Okanagan campus, join our student ambassadors for a 75 minute tour. You’ll get an in-depth overview of the most exciting places on campus and have the chance to ask your questions about student life and learning.

Tours are scheduled every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


UBC Vancouver

To discover UBC’s Vancouver campus, take part in our tours that last for one hour and fifteen minutes. Upper-level students will discuss what they enjoy most about living and learning at UBC Vancouver, and showcase the stunning campus with images and their own stories. The tour ends with a student panel and the chance to have your questions answered.

You can join a tour every weekday, excluding holidays.


How to register

To view all upcoming tours and to register, visit the Future Student Portal’s Tours and events page and select the “On campus” tab.


Keep exploring

If you are unable to attend one of our live tours or you want to learn more about UBC at your own pace, you can also experience our two campuses by taking a pre-recorded virtual tour.