Register now for Jump Start at UBC Vancouver

Register now for Jump Start at UBC Vancouver

If you’re entering first year at UBC Vancouver and coming directly from high school, you’ll want to register for Jump Start. The event is designed to give you a first look at university life, let you meet your professors and academic community, and help you make your first friends!


What to expect

UBC is working closely with public health authorities to determine what a safe return to campus will look like in the fall. This year you can choose which of the three streams best suits you.

Residence stream

Join Jump Start’s residence stream if you’re planning to live on campus in the fall. Jump Start gives you the opportunity to move in early, get to know your profs, explore your new campus, and meet your first friends in person. This hybrid stream offers three days of in-person programming, and two days of a mix of on-campus and virtual programming. You can enjoy scheduled group events with your classmates, as well as sessions you can take part in online at your own pace.

You’ll move into your room at UBC on Sunday, August 29, and the five-day program begins on Monday, August 30.

Commuter stream

If you’re planning to live off campus and will be commuting to UBC in your first year, Jump Start gives you the opportunity to practice your route to classes, get to know your instructors, explore your new campus and your collegium, and meet your first friends in person. Like the residence stream, you’ll enjoy three days of in-person events, and two days of virtual programming. Some of those sessions will be scheduled group events with your classmates, and there will be activities you can take part in online at your own pace.

This stream will begin on Monday, August 30.

Virtual-only stream

Jump Start’s five-day, fully-virtual stream includes both live and pre-recorded activities to accommodate for time zone differences and accessibility. Each day will include two to three hours of scheduled events with a small group of your peers, student leaders, and a professor from your Faculty. You’ll also enjoy a number of sessions, socials, and other offerings that you can take part in at your own pace. The virtual-only stream allows you to participate in Jump Start from anywhere in the world.

This stream will begin on Monday, August 30.


Register now

Registration is now open! First, find out more about your Jump Start options, and then click the registration link to sign up. 

You must register for Jump Start before July 12. 


What students are saying:

“Jump Start was amazing! I am currently STILL communicating with all my Jump Start friends on social media. It was such a relief to make some connections before school, even if they were online. With our small group we all are already helping each other out. Our leaders were super fun, engaging, knowledgeable, and reassuring. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.” – Isabella Guthrie

I met a lot of great people in Jump Start whom I am still hanging out with. We mostly have classes together too so we helped each other in transitioning during the first week of class. Best decision I’ve ever made!” – Martina Francisco



Tour UBC online with us

Tour UBC online with us

Choosing which universities to apply to isn’t easy. Many factors will go into your decision, including the program you want to study, the reputation of the university, its location, the facilities available to you, and whether the school feels like the right fit.

How do you know where to start? The best way to learn more about a university is with a campus tour. At UBC, our students are excited to connect with you online to share their experiences, show you their favourite spaces on campus, and answer your questions about classes, housing, and beyond – all from the comfort of your own home.


What you’ll experience

UBC Okanagan

If you want to learn more about UBC’s Okanagan campus, join our student ambassadors for a one-hour-and-fifteen-minute tour. You’ll get an in-depth look at the most interesting places on campus and find out what your experience could be like at UBC Okanagan. You’ll also have the chance to ask your questions about student life in a Q&A panel at the end of the tour.

Tours are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday, and some Saturdays.


UBC Vancouver

To discover UBC’s Vancouver campus, take part in our tours that also last for one hour and fifteen minutes. Upper-level students will discuss what they enjoy most about living and learning at UBC Vancouver, and showcase the stunning campus with images and their own stories. The tour ends with a student panel and the chance to have your questions answered.

You can join a tour every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and some Saturdays.


How to register

To view all upcoming tours and to register, visit the Future Student Portal’s Tours and events page and select the “On campus” tab.


Keep exploring

If you are unable to attend one of our live tours or you want to learn more about UBC at your own pace, you can also experience our two campuses by taking a pre-recorded virtual tour.



Get a head start at university with the UBC Future Global Leaders program

Get a head start at university with the UBC Future Global Leaders program

Are you looking to challenge yourself academically, or boost yourself towards your academic goals? The UBC Future Global Leaders program is designed for you. For three weeks, learn from top UBC professors as you delve deeper into your academic interests, and discover what teaching is like at the first-year level at a top-tier university. It’s a great way to figure out what your passions are while you’re still in high school, and prepare yourself for success at university and beyond.


What can you study?

You can choose from seven engaging academic courses, all taught by UBC instructors. This year, you’ll take your courses online. You’ll have the chance to meet other students from around the world as you attend your live virtual classes from Monday to Friday.

  • Introduction to Business Foundations: Study the importance of core business functions, including finance, accounting, marketing, and human resource management. If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in business, this course is the perfect fit.
  • Business and Social Impact: The business winners of the future will be companies that can use sustainability as an opportunity instead of a barrier. This program is great if you’re interested in business and are committed to making a difference.
  • Digital Media Entrepreneurship: Learn how to identify the needs of your target audience, brainstorm and build your own digital media prototypes, and discover how to pitch and launch your new digital product or service. You’ll enjoy this program if you’re interested in technology development, entrepreneurship, or digital marketing.
  • Introduction to Engineering: If you’re fascinated by engineering, architecture, or applied science, this course is for you. Find out about the engineering profession, and the disciplines of chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, and mechanical engineering.
  • Introduction to Psychology: Learn about the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. This program is excellent if you’re thinking of majoring in psychology or if you’re interested in the social sciences, applied sciences, or medicine.
  • Biology, History, and the Future of Cancer: Understand how a cell gains an ability to proliferate uncontrollably, invade nearby tissues, and spread throughout the body. You’ll also discover more about the history and social impact of the disease. This course is right for you if you want to learn about biological or medical sciences.
  • Crime and Society: Contemporary Topics: Investigate a range of subjects, including the relationship between public order and violent crime, innovations in drug enforcement, forensic psychiatry, restorative justice, and geographic profiling when hunting serial killers. If you’re interested in criminology, anthology, sociology, mental health, or more, this program is the one for you.


UBC Future Global Leaders also offers two other courses: Your Guide to Getting into a Canadian University, which will show you how to create convincing and memorable university applications, and Academic Writing Toolkit for ESL/EAL Learners, where you’ll gain the specialized English language skills to write at a university level, if English is not your first language.


Who can take part?

To register for a UBC Future Global Leaders course, you must be 15 to 18 years old and have completed Grade 10 or equivalent. We suggest that you have a grade point average of 78% or letter grade B or higher, or a minimum IB final grade of 5. You don’t need to submit any transcripts to register.

If you want to register for an academic course and English is not your first language, we recommend an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 6.0 or equivalent, or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Internet-based score of 80 or equivalent. You don’t need to provide your scores, and can self-assess your own levels.


Registration is now open

No application, transcripts, or proof of English is required. Just check your eligibility, and register for the courses you’re interested in!

Course dates:

  • Option one: Monday, July 5 – Sunday, July 25
  • Option two: Monday, July 26 – Sunday, August 15


UBC President Bursary Program for high school students in British Columbia

The UBC Future Global Leaders program will award approximately 20 bursaries to Grade 11 high school students in BC. It will cover full tuition for one three-week summer course of your choice.

To be considered for the bursary, you must have an overall average of 80% or higher, and 80% or higher in Grade 11 English (or equivalent). You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, live in a lower income household, and your parent(s) or caregiver(s) must not have attended a university or university-college. Indigenous students are especially encouraged to apply. Applications will close on May 28.


Find out more

For more information on UBC Future Global Leaders, join us online for an info session on April 13, 2021 at 4 p.m. You’ll learn about the program and student experiences with our program leaders and staff, and have plenty of time to ask your questions.

After the session, a recording of the event will be available to watch on the UBC Future Global Leaders homepage.



Join us online for your UBC applicant information event

Join us online for your UBC applicant information event

If you’ve been admitted to either of UBC’s campuses, you’re ready for the next steps in your journey to one of the world’s top 40 universities. You and your family are invited to attend one of the applicant information events we’re hosting, which are specific to your region in the world.

At these events, UBC representatives will discuss how UBC aligns with your goals and interests in building community, research and work opportunities. You’ll have the chance to learn about course planning, registration, housing, new student orientations, campus activities, and more. In addition, you’ll also have a chance to meet other students from your area who have been admitted to UBC.

This year, our events will be online. Registration is easy – simply log in to the UBC Future Student Portal to see the events open to you.


Join us for an online information session

Can’t make it to an applicant information event, or have more questions about UBC? You can talk to one of our advisors during our regularly scheduled online information sessions.



Tour UBC’s Okanagan and Vancouver campuses

Tour UBC’s Okanagan and Vancouver campuses

If you’ve received an offer of admission from UBC – congratulations! All your hard work has paid off.

Now that you’re making your final decision of whether UBC is the right place for you, we highly recommend joining us for a live virtual campus tour.

You can find lots of great info and photos about what it’s like to be a UBC student on TwitterInstagram, and TikTok, but there’s really no substitute for connecting with some of our current students online, and having them share their knowledge and experiences with you. Our students are excited to show you their favourite spaces on campus, and to answer your questions about life and learning at UBC.


What to expect

During the 75-minute Zoom tour, you’ll learn more about UBC, see photos from some of our favourite spots at UBC Vancouver or UBC Okanagan, and hear from real students about their experiences in class, in residence, and beyond.


Tour schedules

For UBC Okanagan, tours are scheduled every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

For UBC Vancouver, you can join a tour every day apart from Sunday (excluding holidays).


How to register

To view all upcoming tours and to register, visit the Future Student Portal’s Tours and events page and select the “On campus” tab.


Can’t make it to one of our live virtual tours?

No problem! If you are unable to attend one of our live tours or you want to learn more about UBC at your own pace, you can also experience our two campuses by taking a self-guided virtual tour.

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Take a virtual tour of UBC’s campuses

Take a virtual tour of UBC’s campuses

Getting a feel for a campus is an important part of deciding which university you want to attend. An in-person visit won’t be possible this year in light of the coronavirus – but hey, that’s what the internet is for!

As well as the student-led live virtual campus tours we offer for both UBC Okanagan and UBC Vancouver, we also have two great self-guided virtual tours – one for each campus – for you to explore in your own time.

On these self-guided tours, you can have a look at all the highlights you can look forward to as a student. The tour will walk you through key locations, giving you a feel for what it’s like to live and learn at UBC. You’ll see UBC’s residences, study spots, recreational facilities, lecture halls, academic buildings, and more.

On your journey you’ll be able to take a look at 360° panoramas, photos, and videos, and you can pause at any time to check them out. If you like, you can share your favourite spots on social media.

No matter which tour option you pick, we’re looking forward to showing you around!




Join us for US Thanksgiving 2020

Join us for US Thanksgiving 2020

If you are currently studying at a high school in the United States, we’d love you to join us for our US Thanksgiving event to get a taste of what you can look forward to as a UBC undergraduate student.

During this day of live sessions, current UBC students, staff, and advisors will show you the very best of what the university has to offer, and why UBC is consistently ranked among the top 40 research universities in the world.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our US Thanksgiving events will be virtual this year to ensure that we can still connect with you and answer any questions you have about UBC. You’re invited to attend as many of the live sessions as you’d like!


Event highlights

  • Join us for live virtual campus tours of UBC Okanagan and UBC Vancouver, led by current UBC undergraduate students
  • Meet our UBC advisors who can answer your questions about how to apply to UBC and submit the best application you can.
  • Find out what merit-based and need-based awards are available to US students, and learn how you would apply.
  • Get to know our current undergraduate students and discover their real-life student perspective of UBC.

Date and registration

All sessions will take place Friday, November 27. If you are interested in registering, please log in or create an account on the Future Student Portal and scroll down to upcoming events you might be interested in. If you have any issues with registering, please contact us at

We look forward to connecting with you!


International students: Join us online to learn about UBC

International students: Join us online to learn about UBC

Are you an international student interested in learning more about UBC, but don’t know where to start? Come and join us at one of our interactive online sessions!

Due to COVID-19, we’re presenting all of our events digitally. We understand that the amount of online options can be overwhelming, so our events will give you the chance to ask questions and soak up crucial information about the application process in a relaxed way, all from the safety and comfort of your own home.


Online info sessions

Each of our online info sessions are an opportunity for you to connect with current students, advisors, and UBC experts, who will answer your questions in real time. You’ll be able to watch a live video presentation and meet other international students who are applying to UBC. You’ll also hear from current students who will offer honest advice about their application experience, so you know what to expect.

These sessions cover topics that will help you decide whether UBC is the place for you, as well as advice on admission requirements, financial resources, and how best to prepare your application.

We are also offering on-demand presentations, which you’ll find posted through out the fall at our online info sessions page.


Take a live online virtual tour

Although we’ve suspended our in-person tour of our two beautiful locations, you can still check out our Vancouver and Okanagan campuses from anywhere in the world. Join our friendly student ambassadors for a live virtual campus tour, and get an in-depth overview of what it’s like to live and study at UBC.


How to register

Each of our events will require you to create a Future Student Portal account, so take a few minutes to sign up for one if you haven’t already done so. Then, you’ll need to log in and check the “Off campus” and “Online” tabs on the Tours and Events page to view and register for our latest events.