Financial planning

Your university education is a substantial investment. At UBC, we recognize the significant contribution you and your family make toward your degree. We’re here to provide financial advising and support through scholarships, bursaries, and other assistance programs.

What will your first year cost?

Attending university has costs beyond your tuition fees, and in order to prepare, it’s important to start your financial planning early. To get a whole picture of what your first year of university will cost, you’ll need to consider tuition, books, meals, living costs, and more.

Scholarships and awards

UBC is dedicated to recognizing outstanding students for academic excellence and leadership. There are merit-based and need-based awards and scholarships available to Canadian and international students.

Scholarships and awards for Canadian students

Last year, UBC and its donors awarded $15 million to incoming UBC students for excellent grades, community and school involvement, and demonstrated leadership.

Scholarships and awards for international students

UBC devotes more than CAD$10 million annually to awards, scholarships, and other forms of financial support for international undergraduate students.

Awards for Indigenous students

UBC has a dedicated Indigenous Awards program for Canadian Indigenous students, and has almost $100,000 in Major Entrance Scholarships for Indigenous secondary school students.

Loans, bursaries, and funding support

There are a number of sources of financial assistance to help Canadian and American students with the significant investment required to complete a university degree.

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