UBC’s online application tips

You’re ready to apply to UBC. Now what?

Your application can take some time, so begin well before the January 15 deadline.

If you are a Canadian citizen and want to be considered for a Presidential Scholars Award, your application deadline is December 1.

The following tips will help you complete your UBC application. If you have questions along the way, please contact us.

Start early and take your time

Once you begin the application, you will be able to save it and return to it later – but only up until the deadline. Once you have submitted your application to UBC, you will not be able to edit it.

Since the online application can sometimes time out if left open for too long, we recommend working on your Personal Profile questions outside of the application (where you can run them through a spell-checker) then copy and paste them into your application.

Provide your current email address

Use a reliable email address that you check frequently. This is very important because UBC uses email to communicate with you once you have submitted your application.

Let the online application guide you

You’ll be asked to provide only the information we need based on your degree choices, your previous education, and other factors.

Tell us your full academic history

It’s important to include all of the high schools, colleges, and/or universities you have gone to and the dates you attended these schools. Your academic history helps determine whether you’re admitted to UBC, so don’t leave anything out.

Select a first- and second-choice degree

In your application, you will have the opportunity to select a first- and second-choice degree. The degrees you choose can be in different faculties and on different campuses. Think carefully about your choices and make sure you have all the prerequisite courses.

You will be evaluated for your second choice only if you are not admitted to your first choice, or if you contact the Admissions Office requesting that UBC evaluate your second choice.

Your Personal Profile is not just a list of your accomplishments

If you are required to submit a Personal Profile, you’ll need to reflect on what you have learned from your experiences and accomplishments, and what you want to continue to learn in university.

Read more about the Personal Profile to prepare for this important part of UBC’s online application.

Check out the UBC Admissions Blog

For admissions-related news and to get answers to your admissions questions, visit the UBC Admissions Blog.

Be accurate

UBC has a number of methods in place to authenticate information provided in the application. These methods include, but are not limited to, contacting references, verifying academic records, and requesting additional documentation to verify your Personal Profile information.

If an application is found to contain untrue or incomplete information, UBC may, at its discretion, do any or all of the following:

▪   withdraw an offer of admission

▪   require the applicant to withdraw from UBC

▪   subject the applicant to academic discipline

▪   share the information provided with other post-secondary institutions, law enforcement agencies, or other third parties

Be ready to pay your application fee

The application will prompt you to pay your application fee. Once you’ve successfully paid, you’ll see a confirmation page.

Record your student number

Make sure you write down your UBC student number somewhere safe. You’ll need it in future correspondence with UBC.

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