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We want high school counsellors like you to feel ready and equipped to advise your students on all things UBC. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to get started, including access to our Prospective Undergraduate Student Guide, links to online resources, and information about upcoming events.

Illustrated cover of the 2023 UBC Prospective Undergraduate Student Guide

UBC Prospective Undergraduate Student Guide

Learn more about UBC’s two distinctive campuses, explore the wide range of degree programs and specializations, and get a sense of the University’s admission requirements and application process in this year’s Student Guide.

UBC Prospective Undergraduate Student Guide
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The path to UBC

Discover the journey your students will take as they navigate through the application process and beyond. Learn more about the steps they will take, and in what order.

The Path to UBC
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Online resources for you and your students

Learn more about UBC’s undergraduate admissions, including how students can plan in high school, what we look for in the Personal Profile section of the application, and how we determine who receives an offer of admission to UBC.

Planning for UBC

UBC looks at more than just grades. Understanding how we evaluate applications can help students choose their high school courses and improve their chances of admission.

The Personal Profile

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Meeting UBC’s minimum general and degree-specific requirements does not guarantee that a student will receive an offer. That’s where the Personal Profile section of our online application comes in.

What UBC looks for

UBC is a competitive university. To determine who receives an offer of admission, we consider a student’s grades, course choices, and achievements beyond academics.

Dates and deadlines

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Whether students are thinking about applying to UBC, they’ve submitted their application, or they’ve received an offer of admission, there are important deadlines. Find out which dates they need to keep in mind.

Canadian counsellors

If you’re a high school counsellor in Canada, these resources are for you.

UBC event presentations

UBC is a vibrant and international university which ranks in the top 40 worldwide. Discover information about new programs, admission facts and figures, and pathways to enter UBC.

UBC fall counsellors presentation 2022
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UBC Indigenous counsellors presentation 2022
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UBC Updates newsletter

Interested in keeping up with UBC? Find everything you need to advise your students on admissions, options, and resources on both campuses in the UBC Updates newsletter. This regular e-newsletter highlights important dates, deadlines, events, and updates from September to June.


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International counsellors

Are you a high school counsellor outside Canada? Are you interested in having a UBC advisor answer your students’ questions about applying to UBC, degree and program options, campus life, and more?

Request an online school visit from UBC

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Counsellors at US and American curriculum high schools: The submission of standardized test scores will be optional for 2023 applicants. Applicants who have a SAT or ACT test score and would like them to be considered as part of the UBC admissions process are welcome to submit their test score. Applicants will not be at a disadvantage if they cannot or choose not to submit a test score.