Political Science

at UBC's

Okanagan Campus

Gain a deeper understanding of the forces that shape law, society, the economy, and politics. At UBC’s Okanagan campus, you'll develop in-depth knowledge of political systems while you learn to conduct research, present arguments, and work and lead effectively.

This program is also offered at UBC's Vancouver Campus
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Why this program?

  • Develop an understanding of responsible democratic and global citizenship in political science – ideal preparation for ongoing studies in law, business, politics, social work, and public administration.
  • Put your classroom learning to the test with co-op job placements throughout the region and beyond.
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Program information

  • Campus: Okanagan
  • Faculty: Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts
  • Length 4 yrs
  • Co-op Yes
    You can combine your studies with full-time, paid work at top local and international organizations.
  • Honours No
    You can study intense specialization in a single field.

This program explores democratic and non-democratic systems of governance, placing Canadian public affairs in a comparative and international context. Political Science can prepare you for professional programs ranging from law to journalism.

Political Science will develop a set of critical and analytical skills about public affairs. It will furnish students with an understanding of constitutions and the rule of law, limited government, distributive justice, public interest groups, human rights, economic development and the environment, conflict and conflict-resolution.

Experiential learning and research

Advanced courses give you the opportunity to apply your education to real-life situations. You can also complete advanced coursework where you will be guided in the practical application of research methods for planning and carrying out program evaluations, including developing your own evaluation designs. Directed studies courses give you the opportunity to conduct an investigation of a research problem, which will require a written report of your findings. The Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences holds the annual Undergraduate Research Conference on UBC’s Okanagan campus to showcase student research projects.

Campus features

UBC is a global centre for research and teaching, consistently ranked among the 40 best universities in the world. UBC’s Okanagan campus is home to several renowned experts in political science, working with students and community stakeholders on some truly exciting research and community events. This includes the annual Roger Watts Debates and a recent symposium on Nuclear North Korea that brought in leading experts to share their views on one of today’s most critical global issues.

Life at UBC's Okanagan campus

UBC's Okanagan campus is renowned for its research opportunities and access to professors. Students here can also branch out, network, and meet people with similar interests in various clubs on campus, such as the Political Science Student Association.

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Your future

A UBC education will introduce you to people and ideas from around the world, open doors to new opportunities, and take you places you never imagined. You’ll graduate not only with expertise in your chosen field, but with the skills you need to continue growing, learning, and evolving.

Program requirements

English-language requirements

English is the language of instruction at UBC. All prospective students must demonstrate English-language competency prior to admission. There are numerous ways to meet the English Language Admission Standard.

General admission requirements

IB Diploma Programme

  • Completed IB Diploma, including at least three Higher Level courses.

IB Certificate Courses

  • IB Certificate courses (Standard and Higher Level) may be used in an admissions average if you are graduating from a recognized high school curriculum that can be used as your basis of admission.
  • IB Math Applications and Interpretations SL, or IB Math Studies, do not satisfy the math requirement for admission to UBC’s science-based programs, the Faculty of Management, the UBC Sauder School of Business, or the Vancouver School of Economics.

Degree-specific requirements: Arts

  • No specific courses required beyond those needed for general admission

Related courses

The following subject categories are particularly relevant for this degree. Consider taking courses in these areas in your junior year and senior year.

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics and Computation
  • Second Languages
  • Social Studies
  • Visual and Performing Arts
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