Preparing for your Personal Profile

Preparing for your Personal Profile

Many of you have started working on your online application to UBC – fantastic! It’s good to start early so that you have time to reflect on your answers to the Personal Profile section of the application.

The Personal Profile asks you four to seven questions about challenges you have overcome, significant achievements in your life, your academic pursuits, and what you have learned from these experiences. The questions are based on the program to which you have applied, so starting your application will allow you access to your specific questions.

Do you need to record a video interview?

If you are applying to the UBC Sauder School of Business’s Bachelor of Commerce program, you will also be asked to provide video responses to pre-recorded interview questions. Read our detailed tips and watch a video about creating your video interview.

How do we assess your profile?

When we evaluate your application, two different UBC readers will assess your Personal Profile. We use your academic average and Personal Profile assessments to make an admissions decision. Watch the video below for tips on putting forth a strong profile, or read more about the Personal Profile.



Not all applicants are required to submit a Personal Profile, and others will have separate supplemental applications, portfolios, and auditions. To find out if your program requires a Personal Profile, start the online application and follow the instructions.

If you have not started working on your application, we encourage you to start as soon as possible to make sure you have everything you need to submit your application on time.

Learn more about the Personal Profile in an online info session

We will be hosting online application information sessions. To register, go to our Online Info Sessions page and look under You are a Canadian student or Permanent Resident student in Canada. Recordings of these sessions will also be posted here for your reference.

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  1. Hello!I am an international student! Can I still apply to UBC this year in April?Thank you so much for your help.

    1. Hello Sasha,

      Unfortunately the application is now closed. The application will re-open in September 2017 for the 2018 intake. I hope this helps clarify.


  2. How do you know if your personal profile has been submitted??

    Will it say submitted or will you simply not be able to edit the documents?

    1. Hi Julia,

      If you submitted your application online, then you submitted your personal profile. For almost every applicant, the personal profile is part of the application, not separate. Don’t worry though, because if you are in the rare situation where have not submitted a personal profile, yet it is required, we would email you with instructions to submit the personal profile.



  3. Hello
    I am from India. I would like to know if accomplishments in aquatics and few other sports will be considered for admission. Thank You.

    1. Hi Harsha!

      Thanks for your comment! Most applicants are required to complete a Personal Profile as part of their application to UBC and, as part of this process, applicants have the opportunity to share more about their activities and accomplishments outside of the classroom, including sports. This is an important part of the application process and something that UBC will take into consideration for admission.



  4. hello…am a kenyan,how do i apply for a course in the university?

    1. Dear Becky,

      Thanks for your question. This is where you can find details on all of the program (that’s what we call “courses”) we offer here at UBC – UBC programs. Admission requirements for students from Kenya are outlined here – UBC_Kenya. Once you’ve had a look at those websites, please feel free to follow-up with any specific questions. Contact details are here –


  5. Hi,

    My daughter wants to study in UBC Vancouver to become an architect (first, 4 years) in 2017/2018. What will please be the requirements courses in grade 12 to be registered and to apply successfully?

    Thank you very much


    1. Hi Sonia,

      Happy to help. At UBC, Architecture is a masters program. Your daughter will first complete the 4-year bachelor degree of her choice. Start by walking through the application and admission info here, Afterward, if you or your daughter have any specific questions just email us at

      Take care,