First-round offers of admission to UBC

First-round offers of admission to UBC

A limited number of highly competitive high school students who follow a Canadian curriculum will receive first-round offers of admission from UBC. These students can expect to hear from UBC as early as February, for a September 2024 start.

Here’s what you need to know about the process.


How to be considered for a first-round offer of admission

First-round offer of admissions are assessed on available final grades (usually your Grade 11) and your personal profile. To be considered for a first-round offer of admission, you must:

  • Apply by December 1, 2023.
  • Submit any materials that you have completed so far by December 10, 2023:
    • BC/Yukon students need to request an electronic transcript be sent to UBC via the BC Ministry of Education’s Student Transcript Service and ensure UBC has their Personal Education Number (PEN) on their application.
    • Ontario students need to submit an OUAC Reference number as part of their application so UBC can receive grades electronically from the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. If you are not applying via OUAC, contact the Admissions office and we will let you know how to provide your grades.
    • Alberta and Nova Scotia students need to complete the academic profile section of the UBC online application.
    • Students from all other provinces simply need to submit their online application and the Admissions office will contact you on how to provide your grades.
  • Have very competitive grades and personal profile.
  • Meet all the admission requirements.


When you’ll receive a decision

First-round offers of admission to UBC will start in early February and continue until the end of February. If you are not offered a first-round offer of admission by the end of February, you will automatically be evaluated again in March through the regular admissions process, once your February-March grades are available.

If you are not sent a first-round offer of admission, you won’t be disadvantaged in any way from being awarded a place at UBC.


Programs that do not provide first-round offers of admission

Because some programs require an audition, interview, or additional supplemental processes, they do not fall within the first-round offer timelines. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Vancouver)
  • Bachelor of Design in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urbanism
  • Bachelor of Dental Science
  • Bachelor of Media Studies (Vancouver)
  • Bachelor + Master of Management (Vancouver)
  • Bachelor of Music

Please note that only your first-choice program will be considered for a first-round offer.


Next steps after receiving a first-round offer of admission

If you receive a first-round offer of admission, the next steps are:

  • All students must maintain their academic standing in order to keep their offer.
  • Spring 2024: UBC will verify interim grades.
  • July 2024: UBC will verify all final grades.


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