First-round offers of admission to UBC

First-round offers of admission to UBC

A limited number of highly competitive high school students who follow a Canadian curriculum will receive first-round offers of admission from UBC. These students can expect to hear from UBC as early as late January. Here is what you need to know about the process:

Which sessions do first-round offers of admission apply to?

UBC will provide first-round offers of admission for the 2020/2021 Winter Session.

What must students do to be considered for first-round offers of admission?

To be considered for first-round offers of admission, students must:

  • Apply by December 1, 2019.
  • Submit any completed final grades by December 1, 2019:
    • BC/Yukon students need to request an electronic transcript be sent to UBC via the BC Ministry of Education’s Student Transcript Service.
    • Students from all other provinces need to complete the academic profile section of the UBC online application.
  • Have very competitive grades and Personal Profile
  • Meet all the admission requirements.

Students will not be refused based on Grade 11-level marks presented in their application. Individuals who are not offered a first-round offer of admission will automatically be evaluated again in March through the regular admissions process.

Students who are not sent a first-round offer of admission in late January/the end of February will not be disadvantaged in any way from being awarded a place at UBC.

When will first-round offers of admission decisions be made?

First-round offers of admission to UBC will commence in late January and continue until the end of February. Applicants who are not offered a first-round offer of admission will be re-evaluated once February-March grades are available.

What are students’ next steps after receiving a first-round offer of admission?

For those students who receive a first-round offer of admission, the next steps are:

  • All students must maintain their academic standing in order to keep their offer.
  • Spring 2020: UBC will verify interim grades.
  • July 2020: UBC will verify all final grades.

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