Update on first round offers of admission

Update on first round offers of admission

We began sending first round offers of admission in mid-December. I guess you could say that some students received an early holiday treat! If you haven’t yet received an offer, don’t worry – no one will be refused admission during first round offers of admission.

I’m still waiting for an offer. What do I do?

UBC is reviewing student applications every week. Students who applied before the December 1 deadline are admitted on different days as the weeks go by. All students who met the December deadline will be considered for first round offers of admission, and all first round offers of admission will be finalized by February 15.

If you are not admitted by February 15, sit tight and follow our instructions. You will be asked to self-report your grades in March. Prior to self-reporting, we’ll email you all of the important dates and necessary instructions. You’ll be able to attend information sessions on how to self-report your grades, so stay tuned to the Admissions Blog for more information about specific session dates and times.

Can someone tell me if I’ll receive an offer?

If you call our front-line team, they are not able to tell you if you will be admitted. If you want to know what your current status is, refer to the Student Service Centre (SSC). When you visit the SSC, you can learn about where your application is in the process by viewing your “Applicant Status.” The messaging on your Applicant Status tells you if you have successfully submitted your application, lists your dates and deadlines, and lays out all of your next steps.

If you have already been admitted, your applicant status will tell you that. If it does not say that you are admitted, check back after February 15. At that time you’ll see new instructions that you must follow.




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