Special admissions consideration for applicants with disabilities

Special admissions consideration for applicants with disabilities

UBC seeks to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. Special consideration for admissions is a process where additional information is reviewed related to an applicant’s disability or ongoing medical condition when the condition may have affected their academic performance adversely. A disability alone does not qualify you for special admission consideration.


Who can apply?

Applicants to UBC have very strong academic records. You must meet both general admission requirements as well as degree specific requirements. Many applicants with disabilities meet UBC’s admission requirements and are admitted directly to their degree of choice. However, if an unsupported or recently diagnosed disability has impacted your ability to meet the admission requirements of your degree of choice, you can apply for special consideration for admission.


Are you eligible?

The presence of a disability alone does not qualify you for special admission consideration. Special consideration may be granted if, for example, your academic performance has been affected because:

  • You have been recently diagnosed with a disability.
  • Your disability was not accommodated completely or appropriately during your recent studies.

If you have received appropriate accommodations for your disability throughout your studies, you may not be eligible for UBC’s special consideration for admission.


How to apply for special consideration

Review the criteria for special admission consideration as well as the application form and instructions. If you are eligible, and your program choice is still accepting applications, please submit your request as soon as possible. Special admission consideration and the application form and instructions are available on our website.

Remember: You are under no obligation to disclose your disability in your application to UBC unless you believe your disability will impact your ability to meet the academic standards of your degree of study.

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