Applying to UBC as a mature student

Applying to UBC as a mature student

Not all of our students start their undergraduate degrees straight out of high school. If you’re a mature student, you’re also able to apply to UBC.

UBC welcomes mature student applications from those who want to complete a degree program, and can demonstrate their academic potential through a range of achievements and life experiences beyond academics.

If you’d rather take UBC credit-based courses without pursuing a UBC degree, diploma, or certificate program, take a look at our Non-Degree Studies options.


Am I eligible?

In order to apply as a mature student, you must be out of full-time education for at least four years, including high school and post-secondary institutions.

You’ll also still need to meet all the English language requirements and degree-specific requirements for the program you choose. These will vary according to where you attended high school or post-secondary. If you’re missing any general admissions or degree-specific requirements, you’ll need to complete them at another institution.


Is it better to apply as a transfer student?

Because UBC accepts only a small number of mature students, it’s recommended that you apply to UBC as a transfer student.

Mature students can apply to most – but not all – UBC degrees. If your chosen degree isn’t on the list, you’ll need to enroll at a different institution and transfer to UBC.

If you have a previous post-secondary degree and want to complete another at UBC, you’ll also need to apply as a transfer student.


We’re looking forward to receiving your application!

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