Vancouver students: Find your faculty online

Vancouver students: Find your faculty online

With your fall course schedule taking shape, you’ve no doubt done your fair share of research on your faculty and degree. Come September you’ll be diving into the deep end of university life, so now’s the time to dip your toes in the water and see what students and professors in your faculty are up to.


What to expect

Meet Zeus, an Aussie Collie and the unofficial canine rep for UBC’s Faculty of Forestry. Get familiar with UBC’s clubs and societies like Valie, who hosts a UBC radio show, competes as a synchronized swimmer, and is a member of a German singing group. Study with Amanda, a pioneer in marine conservation, or take part in research that will pave your way to medical school. And that’s just the beginning.


Find your faculty or school

Find your faculty below and spend the summer getting to know your new UBC community on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

Faculties and schools Where to find them
Faculty of Applied Science UBC Engineering Facebook
UBC Engineering Twitter
UBC Engineering Instagram
Faculty of Applied Science > School of Nursing UBC School of Nursing Facebook
UBC School of Nursing Twitter
Faculty of Arts UBC Arts Facebook
UBC Arts Twitter
UBC Arts Instagram
UBC Arts YouTube
Faculty of Arts > School of Music UBC School of Music Facebook
UBC School of Music Twitter
UBC School of Music Instagram
Faculty of Arts > Vancouver School of Economics Vancouver School of Economics Facebook
Vancouver School of Economics Twitter
Vancouver School of Economics YouTube
Faculty of Dentistry UBC Dentistry Facebook
UBC Dentistry Twitter
UBC Dentistry Instagram
Faculty of Education UBC Education Facebook
UBC Education Twitter
UBC Education YouTube
Faculty of Education > School of Kinesiology UBC School of Kinesiology Facebook
UBC School of Kinesiology Twitter
UBC School of Kinesiology Instagram
Faculty of Forestry UBC Forestry Facebook
UBC Forestry Twitter
UBC Forestry Instagram
UBC Forestry YouTube
Faculty of Land and Food Systems UBC Land and Food Systems Facebook
UBC Land and Food Systems Twitter
UBC Land and Food Systems Instagram
Faculty of Science UBC Science Facebook
UBC Science Twitter
UBC Science Instagram
UBC Science YouTube
UBC Sauder School of Business UBC Sauder School of Business Facebook
UBC Sauder School of Business Twitter
UBC Sauder School of Business Instagram
UBC Vantage College UBC Vantage College Facebook
UBC Vantage College Twitter
UBC Vantage College Instagram


Heading to UBC Okanagan? Find your Okanagan faculty online.



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