Programs spotlight: People, culture, and society

Programs spotlight: People, culture, and society

Are you fascinated by the forces that shape human history? Do you want to learn more about the evolution of individual communities and peoples? Do you want to explore topics at the intersection of politics, art, culture, literature, music, design, and geography? One of UBC’s people, culture, and society programs could be for you.

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Indigenous Studies

The Indigenous Studies program at UBC Okanagan explores the perspectives, histories, and contemporary issues of Indigenous peoples from around the world. You’ll examine key topics such as Indigenous governance, the justice system, land claims, traditional ecological knowledge, and other critical components of Indigenous heritage. This program will prepare you for a career in government, environmental assessment and resource management, Indigenous leadership, or Indigenous-focused non-profit or community organizations.


The student scoop

Ella Maija Tailfeathers, First Nations Studies, UBC

Meet Elle-Máijá, a First Nations Studies undergrad and groundbreaking filmmaker who discovered her passion for Indigenous representation in media.


Religion, Literature, and the Arts

Religion, Literature, and the Arts at UBC Vancouver is the only program designed to allow you to study religions across different cultures. You’ll gain a deep understanding of Western, Near Eastern, and Asian religions and traditions, and as well as those practiced in other geographic regions. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore complex relationships between history, culture, language, art, and music, and to study abroad in one of 42 different countries.


Gender and Women’s Studies

Gain a deeper understanding of sexuality, femininity, embodiment, and social justice in the Gender and Women’s Studies program at UBC Okanagan. This dynamic and interdisciplinary program focuses on historical and contemporary roles of gender in global cultures. You’ll build theoretical and research skills through courses in the humanities, social sciences, and cultural studies.


The student scoop

Emmy Chahal, Cultural Studies, UBC Okanagan

Meet Emmy, a Cultural Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies undergraduate who learned to question more, and judge less.


Social Work

Social work is a profession that lets you promote social justice at individual, family, organizational, community, and societal levels. The Social Work program at UBC Vancouver is a two-year degree that will prepare you for the different areas of the profession, including direct practice, group work, and developing communities. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the values of human dignity, social equality, and social justice, and learn through a variety of real-world field placements.


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